3 Reasons Why Agents Work With Investing Realtors

3 Reasons Agents Work With Investing Realtors
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Why Agents Use Investing Realtors

So I had a couple thoughts. I’m early for an appointment today, and I’m outside a popular subdivision out here in Marana…. Well, Oro Valley, really. Anyway, an agent calls me up and says that they’ve got a property that they need to sell, but they’re having a little trouble selling it, and could I come out and take a look at it, and give the owner an offer? Now, a lot of agents are concerned because when they’re working with an investor, there are a couple of questions that they have.

First Question.. Am I Going To Get Paid?

One of the biggest questions agents have when working with an investor is, are you going to get paid? The answer to that is yes, of course you’re going to get paid. I mean, that’s the whole purpose of this. You have to understand that your client is paying you for representation. I’m a real estate broker myself, I’ve been a real estate agent and broker for over 23 years, and I understand fundamentally the value that you bring to the equation. Many times, it’s outside your control, the property not selling. Sometimes it takes an extra voice, another person to come in and say, “This is the reality of the market,” and this is where an investor can come in handy.

Now, a dispassionate, uninvolved person with real estate knowledge, making an offer on an unwanted home, can really benefit an agent in a couple of different ways. First, if the homeowner doesn’t accept the offer, well, it’s no harm, no foul. The agent investor, like myself, here at Karl Buys Houses. I started my own company for specifically this reason. And so people telling me “no” is nothing new. I mean, I’ve been an agent and a broker for 23 years. I’ve heard no a couple times, right?

So from a seller’s perspective, to tell me, no, it doesn’t really bother me, but it can help you in the sense that they might just come back with a counter offer. If they come back with a counter offer and it’s something that I can’t do. Well, then it’s definitely advantageous for you as an agent because then you can reduce the price. If you know from experience that this is what they’re willing to take. You can say, “Well, gosh. If you’re willing to sell it to Karl for that price and Karl’s not willing to buy it, well gosh, why don’t we just reduce the price to blah, blah, blah and sell it to somebody else? To Joe Schmuckatelli or whatever.” Right?

Investing Realtors Are Subject To The Code Of Ethics

Another advantage I think of working with an agent who’s also an investor, if you’re an agent yourself, if you’ve got a listing or a pocket listing, is that we all have to work underneath the Code of Ethics. When you’re working with other investors, like OfferUp or Zillow Offers or some of these other places that are not agents, they’re under no obligation whatsoever to treat you with that same level of professional respect that the Code of Ethics implies that you’re going to have to treat your fellow agents with, right?

So if you bring a customer or a client to me that you’re trying to help, you have a fiduciary responsibility to your client and I understand that. Likewise, I want to respect your fiduciary responsibility. A lot of places that don’t subscribe to that code of ethics, or the penalties that come from transgressing them, well, they don’t really see the downside really of going behind your back sometimes. And that can be problematic when you’re trying to get a deal done.

Committed To Speed and Completion!

I think third and perhaps maybe the most advantageous reason why a real estate agent would want to call an Investing Realtor like me here at Karl Buys Houses is that just like you, I’m committed to getting the closing done in an expeditious manner. I recognize that your client is not going to be happy until this property is closed.

You can go on the MLS. My number is 8552, it’s an old number, but look it up. 8552, you can see from my listing and sales record, I’ve been in town for a long time. I bought and sold over 500 homes here in town and I know how important it is to you to get your customer’s home closed and closed on time without any hassles.

You Are More Than A Number And A Name

When you work with an investor that’s not a Realtor, they don’t always get it. It’s just the number on a sheet and it’s just a spreadsheet. And if it works out, great. If it doesn’t work out, who cares? But to you, not only is it a commission, but it’s your name that’s on the line. And if you screw that up, boy, you’re in for trouble. Look, if you’re an investor … I’m sorry. If you’re a Realtor here in town, if you’re a Realtor in the Tucson area and you’ve got an unwanted property or a client that has an unwanted property that’s not selling for one reason or another, give me a call and pick up the phone, (520) 403-6227, or click the link below down there somewhere and let’s talk.

I bet you that we’ll be able to find a solution for your client that’s going to be advantageous for you, it’s going to be advantageous for them and it’s going to be advantageous for the next owner of that home. Let’s keep it in the family. Let’s help each other out. Thanks a lot for paying attention and as always have a powerful day. Look, I got to get going. My appointment’s right now. So you take care and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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