5 Reasons To Sell Your Home To An Investing Realtor®!

5 Reasons to Sell To an Investing Realtor

Want To Sell Your Home?

If you are looking to sell your home in Tucson quickly, and without hassle; then there are five very specific reasons why you want to sell your home to an investing Realtor® like me!

Let’s just be honest… there are a lot of Realtors® in Tucson.  Many are good, some great, and others exceptional.  However, a Realtor® is trained for one thing, and one thing only when it comes to selling your home.  To represent you, and your interests!

However, what does it look like when you are working with a Realtor® who does not take listings, nor represents buyers?  What advantages are there to you, if any?  Does it have any value to the transaction at all?  What possible benefits could come to a Seller who uses an Investing Realtor® to sell their home “by owner”?

Benefit #1.  A Fair Market Analysis

As an  Investing Realtor® who is a member of the National Association of Realtors®, specializing in distress and “Owner Direct” sales, I must provide to you a competitive market analysis.  This helps you know exactly what your home is worth in today’s market.

Sell your Tucson Home Fast!

This ensures you have complete knowledge of values in the area!  Unlike a “We Buy Houses” franchise, or an iBuyer who are typically NOT Realtors®, I must be honest and fair in my dealings with you about price!

Benefit #2.  A State Approved Contract

As an Investing Realtor® working on my own behalf, I must still use a state approved, attorney drafted contract.  No guesswork here! Unlike some of my competitors who use vague, “buyer friendly” contracts that are typically written on two page Internet downloads, I use only the most up to date, legal, and safe contracts for our transaction.

This way, you can take our contract to any attorney in Tucson, or any Realtor®, and they will instantly be able to recognize it, and interpret it for what it means.  Beware of any investor trying to “talk you into” a two page contract that is filled with benefits to them, and none to you!

Benefit #3.  Arizona Department Of Real Estate Oversight

Since I am a Licensed Broker in the State of Arizona, my activities are subject to review and oversight by the Arizona Department of Real Estate.  If you need to sell your home in Tucson fast, and with no “shenanigans”, then this can cause great relief!

You see, as a Realtor®, I have to maintain continuing education in the market.  As a full time agent working on my own behalf, I still must maintain my license and education hours.  This enables you the comfort of knowing that I am not some “part time clerk” buying your home!

Benefit #4.  I Waive My Commissions!

Perhaps one of the most beneficial reasons to sell your home in Tucson to me instead of going through the hassle of listing your home is that you can truly have a safe, “for sale by owner” experience.   By selling direct to me, I waive all my commissions, thereby reducing the cost to you!

Sell Your Home!

The effect of this can be huge!  On a typical $150,0000 home, that could mean a savings of up to $10,o000 or more!

Benefit #5.  As Is, No Cost Sale!

Unlike any other Realtor®, I purchase homes as is, and pay all YOUR closing costs! I won’t ask you to repair anything, or lift another finger.  You can truly “walk away” from your problems and leave them to me.

Because I have been in the Tucson area for over 23 years, there are few situations that I’ve not seen.

Being local means that I can identify individual neighborhoods, and use the Multiple Listing Service to help me price your home.  Thereby allowing me to quickly respond to any request, and get you an offer quickly!

How Can I Help?

If you have a home in the Tucson area that you would like to sell, or want to sell your home fast in Tucson, then click here and fill out the form to tell me about your home, or call me directly at 520-403-6227 and let’s talk about getting your home SOLD and not just listed again!

Have a Powerful Day!

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