7 Thoughts On Buying A Multi-Generational Home in Tucson

Did you realize that the number of head of households aged between 65-74 increased over 25% between 2011 and 2016? This indicates an aging population in America, which is aging in place. Because of this, many people consider buying a multi-generational home with the intent that they will one day need the room or guest house for an aging loved one.

In today’s podcast, I will share with you some of my personal experiences as a Realtor, Broker, and real estate investor who buys properties here in the Tucson area. After representing clients and customers over 20 years, I have helped many people buy and sell multi-generational homes.

Buying a multi-generational home in Tucson depends on planning, knowing where to look, and timing!

There are 7 areas in particular that I will talk about that will give you extra thoughts from a “real world” and “Practical” point of view.

What Is A Multi-Generational Home?

A multi-generational home is a home that is designed to accommodate the needs of multiple generations of residents under one roof. Since multi-generational families have different needs for both private, as well as personal space; homes with this flexibility come at a premium!

According to the Census Bureau, 19% of the American population was living in a multi-generational home in 2014. This trend is almost certainly going to rise.

Multi-Generational Homes For Sale

Buying a multi-generational home
Buying a Multi-Generational Home

Unfortunately, there isn’t a classification for “MultiGenerational homes for sale” in the Tucson area. However, many times, you are able to search the Tucson Multiple Listing Service for “guest houses”, or “guest quarters.”

Depending on how you have your search set up, you can generally find some good deals if you know where to look!

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Multi-Generational Housing Trends

The number of Americans living together under one roof is rising. According to a recent Pew Research poll, a record 64 million Americans lived with two or more generations under one roof in 2015.

As Americans age, and get better healthcare, this amount is sure to rise!

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