Real Estate Forecast 2020 For Tucson!

A Rough Tucson Real Estate Forecast For 2020?

What Is The Tucson Real Estate Forecast For 2020? That seems to be what is on everyone’s mind!  It simply depends on who you ask as to what the real estate forecast is for 2020.  If you ask, they will tell you that in their estimation, the Tucson real estate forecast for 2020 is … Continued

The Silver Tsunami Of Tucson

What Exactly Is A “Silver Tsunami?” According to Wikipedia, a “Silver Tsunami” is the word used to describe how the population is aging.  It’s effect on society is notable, as much of America’s inherent property wealth is tied together with people of this generation.  They are living longer, and as a result, choosing to retire … Continued

Houses For Sale Near The University Of Arizona

Houses For Sale Near The University Of Arizona Looking for homes for sale near the University of Arizona?  In this short video, you will see how many homes are currently on the market, how much they are selling for, and what the brief real estate market history is! Do you have a house near the … Continued

How To Sell Your House Quickly In A Divorce in Tucson

It happens, and it’s usually unpleasant, to say the least. If you’re going through a divorce, you certainly don’t want to add to the anguish and inconvenience, especially when it comes to splitting up your assets. Finding someone who is in the market to buy a house in Tucson – in this case, your house … Continued

Who Is Going To Buy Your House?

Who Is Going to Buy Your House? According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Ok Boomer, Who’s Going To Buy Your 21 Million Homes?”, authors Laura Kusisto and Cassidy Araiza bring up an important question every homeowoner should ask themselves today… Who Is Going to Buy Your House? This question is … Continued

What Is A Notice To Perform And When Should You Use It?

Have you ever heard of someone who was selling their home, and had a nightmare experience?  It’s not uncommon!  In today’s post, I will share with you a little known technique that a home seller can use to help keep their buyer on track, and in line!  What Is A Notice To Perform? When you … Continued