Who Buys Houses In Tucson AZ?

Who Buys Houses in Tucson AZ?

It may seem odd, but the other day, I was trying to sell some old pearls that I had.  Having never sold pearls before, I naturally turned to my favorite resource… Google!

I found several resources, tons of ads, and a lot of information.  Of course, I could have picked up the Yellow Pages, or gone to a Jeweler just as easily I suppose… but in that moment… I was a consumer.

Who Buys Houses In Tucson AZ?
Who Buys Houses In Tucson AZ?

Want To Sell Your Tucson Home Fast?

I thought to myself, perhaps there are people out there right now, just like you.. looking to sell their home and wondering.. “Who Buys Houses in Tucson AZ?”

The obvious answer is.. many people.  There is no shortage of investors, “We Buy Houses” franchises, “We Buy Ugly Houses” in Tucson and other companies. As you drive through our streets… at every major intersection here in Tucson, you see We Buy Houses handwritten signs.

However, if you want to sell your Tucson home fast, for cash, then you may want to keep a few facts in mind!

Beware of Wolves Who Come in Sheep’s Clothing

While there are tons of choices out there… not every choice is a great one!  Naturally, you know what your mom told you was true!  If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

The secret truth of many of these investors are unlicensed, who have recently attended a “boot camp” type seminar held by a company that many times, has less that honorable intentions when it comes to investing in real estate.

You’ve seen the late night commercials.

You know what I mean.

The kind of guy or gal who offers you next to nothing for the hard work, the sweat, and the dreams that you have put into that home.

So when you are asking yourself, “who buys houses in Tucson, AZ”, a more appropriate question might be “Who Buys HOMES in Tucson AZ?”

There Is A Difference!

When dealing with a licensed Realtor® who is also a Broker/Investor, you are entitled to the full protections allowed under Arizona as well as Federal Law. Some of the safeguards that have been recently placed by the Obama Administration with the cooperation and assistance of Congress have allowed people who are facing foreclosure, tax sale, or other hardships new options.

As a Licensed Realtor®/Investor in Tucson AZ, you are entitled to a lot! Here are just some of the advantages you get when working with a licensed Broker/Investor!

  • A complete, accurate Market Analysis of your home’s current value.  No surprises, no games.
  • An Attorney Prepared, State Approved Contract! No hidden “outs”!
  • Full Disclosure. Know exactly what your final dollar will be.
  • No Commissions.
  • No Closing Costs
  • As Is, Where Is
  • No Showings
  • No Listing Contracts
  • No Agents Calling You
  • Closing on a day of YOUR choosing!
  • and much more!

Clearly, when you have a Real Estate related problem in Tucson AZ, or if you are wondering Who Buys Houses in Tucson AZ, then you know that there is a clear advantage when working with a licensed Realtor®/Investor!

Who Buys Houses In Tucson AZ?

Tons of people.  However, for safety, security, and making sure that the person you are dealing with is abiding by a Code of Ethics that supersedes most State Requirements, the best choice is a licensed Realtor® who Invests.

I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your situation!  If you need to sell your home quickly for any reason, feel free to contact me at 520-955-5222 or simply hit the contact me button!!

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