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Corona De Tucson

Corona De Tucson is nestled at the base of the Santa Rita Mountains and is a  “Census Designated Place” just southeast of Tucson, AZ.  It has had amazing growth over the years.. and one of my favorite places to go is the Thunderbird jet they have on the way into town.  Join me as I share this piece of Corona De Tucson history!

I Buy Houses   Corona De Tucson
Video Transcription

You know, I got to tell you, this is one of my most exciting videos. For me, anyway, personally because when I was a kid, I used to love the Thunderbirds. And here I am in Corona de Tucson and, on the road to Corona de Tucson, Captain Jerry Bolt’s Thunderbird is right here for all to see in its glory.

You know, the reason why I wanted to stop by here is because you know the La Corona de Tucson area has grown so fast over the last few years. There’s so many homes and I remember 10, 15 years ago when they first started out, they were having a lot of problems trying to decide if there was going to be enough water for the people out here and trying to get the infrastructure out here for people to have enough water, and the water table they were very concerned about.http://www.spaatz.org/1972/12/21/capt-jerry-d-s-bolt-usaf-1942-1972/

But over the years they’ve improved that. They’ve made sure that there’s enough water supply out here for the people who own property out here. And so, now, homes are growing left and right in the Corona de Tucson area. Because of this, you know, a lot of people who’ve been here for an awful long time, you know they’ve gotten older and they don’t want to live in this area anymore. Many times these people end up selling their properties. Many times they end up passing on and leaving their properties to other people in the area.

You know, if you’ve got an unwanted property, maybe you’ve inherited a property and Corona de Tucson, maybe you’ve decided you don’t want to live in the area anymore. Maybe you’ve got just a desire to move. If you’ve got an unwanted property for whatever reason in the Corona de Tucson area, I sure would love to come on out and give you an offer on it because I’d be interested in purchasing it myself as an Investment. I’m a Realtor here in the State of Arizona. My name’s Karl Krentzel. My company is Karl Buys Houses. I’m a veteran myself. Veteran owned here to help you. Give me a call, (520) 403-6227.

It’s just beautiful to watch these things… Have a Powerful Day!

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