Cash Home Buyer Scams In Tucson

Cash Home Buyer Scams In Tucson

Cash Home Buyer Scams!

Cash Home Buyer Scams aren’t new.  As a matter of fact, they have been a part of real estate since the first lot of land was sold! As a matter of fact, local Tucson news crews have to keep busy watching out for the latest scams to report! 

In fact, real estate fraud and scams are on the rise.  In 2018 alone, over 11,300 people reported real estate or real estate rental fraud.  One of the purposes of this post is to give you some insight into what I have seen as a Realtor, Broker, and an Investor with over 23 years experience in the Tucson area.

In today’s high tech society, the methods of scamming people in real estate transactions have changed, but the means to protect yourself have remained as basic as time itself.  In today’s post, I will share with you some of the most common cash home buyer scams and how to protect yourself from them!

Fake House Buyers

Cash Home Buyer Scams In Tucson
Cash Home Buyer Scams In Tucson

One of the biggest problems that you will find in real estate is a fake house buyer.   A Fake House buyer can actually range from anything as noisome as a fake home buyer pretending to have the money, and having some sort of psychological issues… or worse.  A Fake house buyer can also be something as potentially harmful as a straw buyer.

Beware of “real estate investors” who use non-standard contracts.  While there is no legal requirement for a real estate contract to be written on any particular form, it is always a safe bet to use a state approved real estate contract (like I always do at KarlBuysHouses). Be hesitant to deal with cash home buyers who are reluctant to use standard contracts that lawyers can review! 

Real Estate Scammers

Cash Home Buyer Scams In Tucson
Cash Home Buyer Scams In Tucson

Legitimate cash home buyers in Tucson like KarlBuysHouses move quickly to solve your real estate problems.  Real estate scammers however, always seem to be delaying for time!  One of the most common cash home buyer scams I have seen is entering into a contract, then beating you up on the price!  IBuyer companies like Zillow Instant offers, Offerpad, and others have quickly gained a reputation amongst the public. 

Beware of the cash home buyer who says they need an extended amount of time to “inspect” your property.  Frequently, they use this time to find problems with your home, and delay.  They use this time to increase the pressure on you, and then at the end of their inspection period, they come to you asking for a further reduction in price.. 10%, 15%, 20% or more in reduction of price for specific problems.  

We Buy Houses For Cash Reviews

A good way to ensure you work with someone reputable (like KarlBuysHouses!) is to check their reviews and references!  A good reputable cash home buyer in Tucson will be able to provide references, and even testimonials or case studies of previous properties they have closed!

If you are trying to sell your Tucson home fast, as is, and without hassle, then I invite you to contact me today!  I buy Tucson area homes fast for cash!  I can close quickly, I buy “As-Is, Where-Is”, and I pay all your closing costs! Selling to me at KarlBuysHouses is fast, and easy!

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