The Story of Rita Ranch! -KarlBuysHouses

The Story of Rita Ranch! If you are from Tucson, you might have heard this legendary story.  If not sit with me for a minute in Purple Heart Park as I share with you how Rita Ranch got its name!

I Buy Houses – Tucson

San Xavier Del Bac! This “Dove of the Desert” is one of my favorite places!  Follow me on a video as I talk about the Mission at San Xavier!  

I Buy Houses – South Tucson

I Buy Houses – South Tucson! Well, I’m standing on the corner here in South Tucson at 29th and 4th Avenue here in South Tucson, across from Guillermo’s Mexican Food and Mi Nidito Fine Mexican food. Now, one of the best things about South Tucson, aside from the housing, is the fantastic Mexican food. You…

6 Tips For Dealing With Bad Tenants In Tucson

Are you tired of dealing with bad tenants in Tucson? Whether it is the property or the location attracting the wrong people, owning a bad investment property can be expensive and frustrating. Below, we offer 6 tips for dealing with bad tenants in Tucson!  Owning an investment property occupied by bad tenants can destroy your … Continued