Selling an Inherited House in Tucson

5 Ugly Truths About Selling An Inherited House

Selling An Inherited House? If you recently inherited a house in Tucson, you are doubtless encountering a whirlwind of emotions.  If you are like most Tucsonans that I have met who are selling an inherited house in Tucson, then it can be overwhelming.  To make matters worse, unknown complications can make selling an inherited house … Continued

can inherited property be sold

Can Inherited Property Be Sold In Tucson?

Arizona Inheritance Law While I am no attorney, I do know that there are certain laws that you have to follow when asking “Can Inherited Property Be Sold in Tucson?” Arizona probate laws are fairly clear about who can file probate, and for what amounts. Generally speaking, you may have to wait some period of time … Continued

How Seniors Can Navigate Difficult Downsizing Decisions

How Seniors Can Navigate Difficult Downsizing Decisions Guest Article by Jim Vogel Even when you’re excited about it, moving is always a stressful transition. Downsizing can be more challenging than an average move, and seniors in the midst of this major lifestyle change have several difficult decisions to make. We’ve covered some of the ins … Continued

Did Your Tucson Home Expire?

Did Your Tucson Home Expire? Hi. My name is Karl Krentzel. I appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to watch this video, and perhaps you’ve been in a situation where you’ve got a vacant home. Your property didn’t sell from the multiple listing service, and right now a bunch of Realtors are calling … Continued