Should You Buy A House During Coronavirus?

Were you thinking about buying a house recently, and then the Coronavirus Pandemic occurred? You aren’t alone! Many Americans are Googling “Should You Buy A House During Coronavirus?” right now and the answers they get aren’t always good! In today’s article, I will share with you some considerations for those who are thinking about buying … Continued

10 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast During Coronavirus

Do you have a property that you are trying to sell during this unusual time? You aren’t alone! Thousands of homeowners across Arizona have found themselves in a difficult selling time. If you or your agent have never dealt with a recessionary market, the tactics you need to use are much different! Today, we will … Continued

sell your home during a recession

Should You Sell Your Home During A Recession?

There is a lot of fear circulating in the market today about the potential of a housing recession. Don’t sell your home during a recession without considering these 5 things! In today’s post, I would like to share with you an article I found entitled “Should You Sell Your Home During a Recession? 5 Crucial … Continued

10 Reasons Why The Housing Market Is WORSE Than You Think!

The Housing Market Is Weaker Than You Think I know that is an unpopular view for some people. I know this because whenever I tell people “The Housing Market is weaker than you think!” people get instantly defensive. It has become political, personal, and in my view, unnecessarily emotional. Recently, I was interviewed by KOLD … Continued

cheap fixer upper homes for sale in tucson

Cheap Fixer Upper Homes For Sale In Tucson!

Are you looking for cheap fixer upper homes for sale in Tucson? You aren’t alone! Every single day, I scour the Tucson Multiple Listing Service and Craigslist for the latest deals on houses! In today’s post, I thought I would share with you a search that I did looking for cheap fixer upper homes for … Continued

Selling Your Home without a realtor

Selling Your Home Without A Realtor… The iBuyer Trap!

Thinking about selling your home without a Realtor in Tucson? Perhaps you have considered selling to an iBuyer? You aren’t alone! The growing trend of iBuyers in America has appealed to many homeowners. As a matter of fact, a recent NPR article even went so far as to say “Who Needs A Realtor? iBuyers Pay … Continued

Buying a multi-generational home

7 Thoughts On Buying A Multi-Generational Home in Tucson

Did you realize that the number of head of households aged between 65-74 increased over 25% between 2011 and 2016? This indicates an aging population in America, which is aging in place. Because of this, many people consider buying a multi-generational home with the intent that they will one day need the room or guest … Continued

home improvements for resale 2020

10 Best Home Improvements For Resale 2020

What Home Improvements Add Value The Most? If you are planning on doing some home improvements for resale 2020 for your home in Tucson, then you probably are concerned about spending money on remodeling, only to have you lose money in the end. Hear This Episode on KarlBuysHouses Podcast In today’s post, I will share … Continued

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