How Escrow Works

How Escrow Works In my 23 years as a Realtor, Broker, and Investor in Tucson, I have often had to explain to clients and customers how escrow works.  It’s not uncommon actually since most people do not have a working knowledge of the Title and Escrow process.  Knowing how escrow works however is helpful for … Continued

Cash Home Buyer Scams In Tucson

Cash Home Buyer Scams! Cash Home Buyer Scams aren’t new.  As a matter of fact, they have been a part of real estate since the first lot of land was sold! As a matter of fact, local Tucson news crews have to keep busy watching out for the latest scams to report!  In fact, real … Continued

How To Pick The Best Offer For Your House

How To Pick The Best Offer For Your House

How To Pick The Best Offer For Your House! Chances are, if you are thinking about selling your Tucson home, you might be getting more than one offer for your home.  As Tucson’s real estate market heats up, it becomes more and more of a Seller’s market.  This means that the potential exists for you … Continued

Home Improvements To Sell Your House!

Considering Home Improvements To Sell Your House? You aren’t alone!  As a matter of fact according to a recent survey, over 73% of homeowners planned to do home improvements to sell their house in 2019 alone! The question that most often comes up however is, what improvements are the best for resale, what home improvements … Continued

How Does We Buy Houses For Cash Work?

Looking to sell your Tucson home fast?  Looking at We Buy Houses companies in Tucson?  Wondering “How does We Buy Houses for Cash Work?” This article will give you a clear idea of all the options available in the market today! How Does We Buy Houses Work? As a Realtor who Invests in Tucson, I … Continued

4 Inexpensive Ways To Prepare Your Home For Elderly Parents

Guest Article By Jim Vogel Moving a senior loved one into your home isn’t a decision anyone makes lightly—it’s a situation that is both incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging. Many choose this path because they can’t afford a senior living facility or they don’t have a lot of time to make other arrangements. Even though … Continued

6 Ways To NOT Sell Your House in Tucson!

Ways To NOT Sell Your House… When people put their home on the market in Tucson, its so that they can sell their Tucson home fast.  You wouldn’t think that there were people out there simply trying to find ways NOT to sell your house!  If there is anything I have learned in 23 years … Continued