Selling Your House For Sale By Owner In Tucson

Are you considering selling your house for sale by owner in Tucson? If you’ve never sold a home “For Sale By Owner” then the process can be somewhat daunting! In today’s post, I will share with you the answers to the four most common questions commonly associated with selling a house for sale by owner … Continued

3 Reasons Why Agents Work With Investing Realtors

Why Agents Use Investing Realtors So I had a couple thoughts. I’m early for an appointment today, and I’m outside a popular subdivision out here in Marana…. Well, Oro Valley, really. Anyway, an agent calls me up and says that they’ve got a property that they need to sell, but they’re having a little trouble…

How Does War Affect Real Estate Values?

War and Real Estate Values With all this talk of war on the horizon, the question comes up, “How does war affect real estate values?” Hi, my name’s Karl Krentzel. I’m a real estate agent and broker here in Tucson in charge of Karl Buys Houses. I own my own company here. When it comes…

How To Choose An Escrow Company In Tucson!

Things To Look For When Choosing An Escrow Company! Well, so I just got done opening Escrow, at Title Security Agency, which is where I happen to escrow. It is the 6th of January, 2020 and just got a property under contract and we’re going to be closing that here in about 10 days, I…

4 Common Stressors That Most Seniors Face

According to a study on aging conducted by the NORC at the University of Chicago and the West Health Institute (WHI), most American adults fear the aging process for one reason or another. From potential memory issues to a lack of financial security, it’s no wonder that approximately 70 percent of American adults fear getting … Continued

Who Is Going To Buy Your House?

Who Is Going to Buy Your House? According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Ok Boomer, Who’s Going To Buy Your 21 Million Homes?”, authors Laura Kusisto and Cassidy Araiza bring up an important question every homeowoner should ask themselves today… Who Is Going to Buy Your House? This question is … Continued

What Is A Notice To Perform And When Should You Use It?

Have you ever heard of someone who was selling their home, and had a nightmare experience?  It’s not uncommon!  In today’s post, I will share with you a little known technique that a home seller can use to help keep their buyer on track, and in line!  What Is A Notice To Perform? When you … Continued

Financial Challenges Of The Elderly – What You Can Learn

Financial Challenges Of The Elderly Americans today are living longer.  As a result, senior Americans are beginning to come to some uneasy conclusions about their financial well being, as well as their own personal retirement plans.  Financial challenges of the the elderly appear more and more often and it is important that we address these … Continued