Tucson Real Estate Market Trends And Forecast 2020

Tucson Real Estate Trends You know, a common thought amongst Tucsonan’s is that the Tucson real estate market somehow “slows down” during the Holidays! While historically, there has been some truth to this, this has been largely overshadowed by the current real estate market push.  As you can see from the below video taken Friday … Continued

Real Estate Forecast 2020 For Tucson!

Real Estate Forecast 2020 Tucson

The Tucson Real Estate Forecast 2020! As a Realtor, Broker, and Investor here in Tucson, one question I have been asked repeatedly is if there was any sort of “Real Estate Forecast 2020” particularly for Tucson.  Usually, I have a few opinions on the matter, but it is rare that myself, or any other Broker … Continued

Real Estate Forecast 2020 For Tucson!

A Rough Tucson Real Estate Forecast For 2020?

What Is The Tucson Real Estate Forecast For 2020? That seems to be what is on everyone’s mind!  It simply depends on who you ask as to what the real estate forecast is for 2020.  If you ask Realtor.com, they will tell you that in their estimation, the Tucson real estate forecast for 2020 is … Continued

Houses For Sale Near The University Of Arizona

Houses For Sale Near The University Of Arizona Looking for homes for sale near the University of Arizona?  In this short video, you will see how many homes are currently on the market, how much they are selling for, and what the brief real estate market history is! Do you have a house near the … Continued

Selling A Home During The Holidays In Tucson

Selling Your Home During The Holidays? If you are like many Tucsonans’, you might be relaxing a little bit during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other Holiday seasons.  That doesn’t mean however that selling your home during the holidays is out of the question!   As a matter of fact, the holiday season is actually one … Continued

How Is The Real Estate Market In Tucson?

How Is The Real Estate Market? If you have been in real estate more than 10 minutes, then you have heard this question at least once!  Over 23 years as a Real Estate Broker and Investor, I am often asked the question “How is the real estate market here in Tucson??”  To this, I typically … Continued

Tucson Real estate market

Tucson Real Estate Market!

In today’s post, I will share with you the most updated Tucson Real Estate Market Statistics direct from the Tucson MLS!  This is the type of information I use when I am trying to decide if I should buy a property here in Tucson!  Read on!  Tucson Real Estate Market The Tucson Real Estate Market … Continued

how to sell my house fast in tucson

How To Sell My House Fast In Tucson!

Sell Your House Fast In Tucson! If you are wondering “How To Sell My House Fast in Tucson” then you are in luck!  The Tucson real estate market is in good swing at the moment, and the ability to sell your home conventionally is easy!  However, if you have a home that is for whatever reason … Continued


Tucson Home Values And Real Estate Market Trends

Tucson Home Values Is the value of your Tucson home or Pima County home risen in value in the past 12 months?  Chances are you aren’t alone!  According to a recent article by the Arizona Daily Star, home values are actually on the rise in Pima County.    Depending on the area of town your … Continued

Tucson Investment Property and Statistics! 10/2/15

Tucson Investment Property and Statistics for 10/2/15! Recently, I shared on Periscope the most recent comparables direct from the Tucson Association of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service “HotSheet!” In this report, you will learn what is currently happening, as well as what has happened in the month of August.  This way, you can be ready for the … Continued