How Is Tucson Real Estate Market?

As an Investing Realtor in the Tucson area, I am constantly observing the Tucson real estate market to see what the real estate trends are. As a fellow Tucsonan, and consumer, I recognize the value of this knowledge for those who live in the Tucson area who might have questions about their neighborhood. In this … Continued

Is Housing A “Human Right?” Moms 4 Housing

Moms 4 Housing If you haven’t been paying attention to the local news, a local group in Oakland California have formed called Moms 4 Housing. This group of women apparently have broken into (or according to the local papers… “entered Illegally”) a local vacant home held by an investor. Ordinarily, this sort of story doesn’t … Continued

What Does HUD Say About iBuyers?

Thinking About Using An iBuyer? It’s not uncommon! If you have an unwanted property in the Tucson area that you are trying to sell fast, it might be tempting to use an iBuyer. If you aren’t familiar with the term “iBuyer”, it is simply a reference to those companies like Zillow Instant Offers, OfferPad, Offerup, … Continued
Real Estate Forecast 2020 For Tucson!

A Rough Tucson Real Estate Forecast For 2020?

What Is The Tucson Real Estate Forecast For 2020? That seems to be what is on everyone’s mind!  It simply depends on who you ask as to what the real estate forecast is for 2020.  If you ask, they will tell you that in their estimation, the Tucson real estate forecast for 2020 is … Continued

The Silver Tsunami Of Tucson

What Exactly Is A “Silver Tsunami?” According to Wikipedia, a “Silver Tsunami” is the word used to describe how the population is aging.  It’s effect on society is notable, as much of America’s inherent property wealth is tied together with people of this generation.  They are living longer, and as a result, choosing to retire … Continued

5 Warning Signs Of Real Estate Fraud

Real Estate Fraud One of the biggest concerns that the Arizona Attorney Generals office is real estate fraud.  As a matter of fact, the Attorney Generals office reported over 15,000 cases of  fraud in 2016 alone.  Needless to say not all of those 15,000 cases were real estate fraud, but you can rest assured that … Continued

How Do Homeless Shelters Affect Property Values

Property Values in Tucson There was a study done recently to determine the effect of homeless shelters on property values.  If you are living in the Tucson AZ area, you know that our wonderful weather often draws people from all walks of life.  How a person becomes homeless is not the point of this article, … Continued
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