Cheap Houses For Sale In Tucson AZ

Today, I thought I would take you behind the scenes as I look through the Tucson Multiple Listing Service for some cheap properties! I thought I would turn the camera on, and show you what the market actually looks like for cheap houses for sale in Tucson AZ!

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Depending on what you call a “cheap house in Tucson”, today’s video ought to provide you with some clarity on what is available at the time I recorded.

Cheap Houses For Sale In Tucson AZ
Cheap Homes For Sale In Tucson AZ

For an idea of what the current market values are for various neighborhoods, as well as their market statistics, click here!

Homes For Sale In Tucson AZ Under $100,000

Today’s real estate market in Tucson is rapidly advancing! Because of this, any homes that you find that are for sale under $100,000 are generally going to be in need of a fair amount of repairs.

The problem is; most forms of financing won’t allow for major repairs. If the home needs roof work, or has plumbing problems, or significant electrical issues; then an underwriter will have problems trying to approve the property for the loan.

Homes Under 50k Tucson

When you get to the $50,000 and under price range, things get crazy! At this “depth” of price, you will find all sorts of competition!

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Typically, homes that are under 50k in Tucson are in need of massive repair, and will be sold to investors who have a proven track record of repairing them. Why I say that is because the competition for single family homes that cost under $50,000 is incredibly strong. Anyone who wants to buy a home under 50k in Tucson many times must be willing to pay cash, pay all closing costs, and take the property in it’s “as-is” condition.

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As you can see, I am out here daily looking for cheap houses for sale in Tucson AZ! If you happen to have an unwanted property that you are looking to get an offer on, feel free to call or text me directly at (520) 403-6227 or use the form below!

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