CoronaVirus Hits The Housing Market…Phishing Takes A Bite Out Of Shark Tank Judge

In today’s livestream on YouTube, I shared three stories that I felt were somewhat related and could be helpful for you if you are watching the news as I am. The impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is still not fully understood. However, the implications of a wide spread, contagious disease are now reaching the housing market.

Also, I will cover a story about how a Shark Tank Judge just got scammed for nearly $400,000 and how it could happen to you, if you don’t take the proper precautions!

Join me now for a 20 minute disucssion of these issues!

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Coronavirus hits the Housing Market..Phishing Takes A Bite Out Of Shark Tank Judge

Housing Market Feels CoronaVirus Effects

According to a recent post in Redfin’s blog, Redfin in Seattle, Austin, and other areas of the country are beginning to feel the repercussions of a scared public. Three homeowners decided to take their homes off the market in Seattle because they were concerned of who would come into their home and potentially contaminate it.

In the Redfin article; the author remarks about how Buyers are already beginning to slow, or even stop their home search. What effects will this have long term on the Tucson Real Estate market? It is difficult to say.

As CoronaVirus Spreads.. Deals Slow Down.

According to a BisNow Article; deals are already being slowed down or even cancelled due to the travel ban. The repercussion from effects in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago won’t take long to be felt throughout the United States.

As people are instructed to stay home, and avoid unnecessary contact; it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect that it will affect the amount of traffic that people see in their homes for sale.

Are Tucson Schools Ready For Coronavirus?

Here in Tucson, CoronaVirus contagion is thankfully low. However, local news station KVOA did an article regarding the status of Tucson Schools with regards to a potential shut down.

“The district assembled a small inter-departmental team representing all major operational areas of the district to finalize a comprehensive plan for a potential district closure due to a possible community outbreak of the coronavirus.”

Tucson Unified School District

Shark Tank Judge Victim Of Phishing Scam

Today’s final comments come from a Realtor Magazine Article describing a sadly common form of scam. Phishing is assuming the identity of another online to fraudulently obtain information, money, or something of value.

Unfortunately Barbara Corcaran was a victim of such a scam. According to the reports, someone presented a bill for services rendered for a remodeling job on a home to Barbara Corcaran’s bookeeper.

Being a real estate investor as well as agent, her bookeeper thought it was a legitimate bill, and paid it.

And that my friends, is how you lose almost $400,000 immediately.

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