Five Obvious Signs Of A Bad Tenant

Let’s just be honest… when it comes to renting out property, it is much like dating! Everyone puts on their best face first! However, there are five signs of a bad tenant that almost immediately pop up after renting to them!

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In today’s post, I would like to share with you the 5 most obvious signs of a bad tenant in Tucson! Let’s take a look!

5 Obvious Signs Of A Bad Tenant
Signs Of A Bad Tenant In Tucson!

Warning #1 – Late Payments

Probably one of the most obvious signs of a bad tenant here in Tucson are late payments. Clearly, a good amount of pre-screening should ensure that the potential tenant has the available money each month to make the rent. Don’t take the tenant’s word for it!

One of the most “eye-opening” things you can do as a potential landlord in Tucson is Google the term “How To Fake Rental History” and be prepared for an education!

If a tenant is having problems paying rent; it depends on the circumstances. Clearly sometimes, leniency and working with a tenant is a good way to forestall potential problems. However, be on the lookout for chronic late payments, and do not establish a pattern of accepting late payments!

Follow your written lease agreement! Charge late fees, and establish protocols for bounced checks, late fees, as well as potential eviction procedures. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

Warning #2 – Refusing Access

The next warning sign to be aware of, is refusing access to the property. If you are attempting to inspect your property; you have a legal right to do so. However, so does your tenant! They have a right to peaceably enjoy the property they have leased from you.

However, if you need to access the property; here in Arizona a tenant has to be given a 48 hour notice to enter the home.

If they refuse to allow you access, then this should be an automatic red flag for you.

Warning #3 – Damage The Property

Normal wear and tear on a property is to be expected. But unexpected, repeated damage to the property can get expensive, fast! Holes knocked in the wall, oil stains on the carpet, and water damage can all make a home virtually unsaleable on the open market quickly.

There isn’t any need to constantly hassle your tenants if they are paying their rents on time, never complain, and let you in the property whenever you need access, but if you are finding that there is excessive amounts of damage to your property, you might be dealing with bad tenants!

Warning #4 – Complaints

As a Realtor and an Investor here in the Tucson area, one of the biggest memories I have as a listing agent was hearing the complaints from the neighbors! Neighbors are the ones who complain and tell everyone what is going on.

Music too loud? The neighbors will complain. Potential drug dealers? The neighbors will tell you.

Ask your neighbors to let you know if they have any problems. Obviously, a nosy neighbor isn’t always the best, but sometimes, they can be the first line of defense when protecting your asset.

Warning #5 – The Silent Treatment

If your tenants start “ghosting” you.. not returning calls, not returning texts, and claiming “phone problems,” then you aren’t working with a good tenant. In fact, a good tenant is respectful of a relationship built on mutual respect and trust.

If you find that your tenant isn’t respectful enough to respond to you, then you clearly are dealing with a bad tenant.

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