“Selling Your Home “As Is” By Owner”


Are you selling your home as is by owner?  It’s oftentimes not as easy as it may seem.  With all the Federal regulations and various State laws to be aware of, its tough to stay within the bounds of the law!

According to Joanne Fanizza, a real estate attorney in Farmingdale, N.Y. in a recent Bankrate article;  “What you see is what you get,” she says. “The question then is: What do you see?” (Click to Tweet!!)


Selling Your Home As Is

1. No Need to Prepare the House!

Home selling has become more complex than it used to be. New seller disclosure statements, longer and more mysterious form agreements, and a range of environmental concerns have all emerged in the past decade. Therefore, it is more important than ever to disclose the true nature of everything you know about your home.. and then sell it as is!

2. Find an Investing Realtor®!

One who is familiar with the procedures, as well as the legal ramifications of an as-is sale. This way you can rest easy knowing you won’t get sued!

3. Negotiate the Sales Price Of Your Home!

Several factors, including market conditions and interest rates, will determine how much you can get for your home. One thing is for certain, by selling your home as is to an investor like me, you will get a fair price, without the wait!

4. Choose Your Closing Date

One of the chief advantages of working with a Realtor® who Invests is that you are able to pick your closing date. Often within 7 days! When selling your home as is by owner, you always want to remember this! 

5. Negotiate a real estate offer

Selling Your Home As Is
Selling Your Home As Is

Perhaps the most complex moment in the sales process comes when you get an offer for your home. Whether you have one offer or several to consider, using the comparables that a Realtor®/Investor is ethically charged to bring you will help you negotiate your best price!

6. The art of settling

When you have a signed contract with the buyer for your home, you may feel as if you can breathe a sigh of relief. But before you can completely relax you need to get to the settlement table.

7. Plan your move

Some of the activities required to sell your home can actually help with the moving process. For example, by cleaning out closets, the basement, and the attic, you will have less to do once the home is under contract.

Download a Complimentary PDF! “Checklist for Selling Your Home As Is!”

…Other house-buying websites are pawning your info off to out of the area investors. Us, we’re local… and YOU get an honest, fair CASH offer in HOURS.

Need To Sell Quickly? Here’s What We Do For You:

    • You’ll pay NO fees and NO commissions when we buy your house. We pay ALL closing costs associated with the transaction out of our pocket.
    • We’ll buy your house in any condition, ugly or pretty. We can buy in any condition, regardless of what you OWE or if you’re in foreclosure…We can truly HELP you out of this situation! As a Broker/Investor selling your home as is by owner is EASY!
    • We can get CASH in your hands within a few hours or days of you contacting us.  We can close super fast (usually within 7 days… sometimes sooner).

Whether you’re in foreclosure, going through a divorce, inherited a property you no longer want, or any other reason you just need to sell… we’ll make an offer on your house.

If you are considering selling your home as is by owner, just submit your property address to the right and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a fair all cash offer. Talk to you soon, Karl Buys Houses

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