My Home Expired From the Market… Now What?

Home Expired From The Market  Now What

Ugh… Your Home Expired from the MLS.

And now every agent in town is calling you.  Everyone sounds the same…. “I’m number one…” or my favorite… “I have a buyer!”

You are probably asking yourself right about now..

“If that is true, where were you 2 weeks ago when my home was on the market?”

I know how you feel.  You just want to get the home sold.  Bottom line.

I know, because I have been there before.

Did your Home Expire from MLS?
Did your Home Expire from MLS?

It’s Not Fun

It’s not fun to have a lot of strangers in and out of your home at all hours of the night.  The endless price reductions, the showings, open houses, and paperwork.  Frankly, it is amazing anyone would want to sell their home at all.

In fact, I recently had a customer remark to me that giving birth to her child was far less stressful and painful than trying to sell their home.

Perhaps you are thinking that your home wasn’t “destined to sell”.  Maybe you are thinking that your agent didn’t do enough to sell it.  You could even be thinking that another agent will make the difference this time.  That with only a new approach… you will get your end goal!

Reality Check Time

Speaking as an Investing Broker with 23 years experience, I can assure you.  When it comes to selling your home after it’s expired from the MLS; you must have a gut check to see how bad you really want to sell it.

If you are one of those lucky few who have a very clear need to sell your home, then it’s time to have a reality check.  If your last agent hadn’t informed you of the truth, then please allow me to.

The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth is that nearly 40% or more of all the homes that come on the MLS in most markets do not sell the first time.  That is the reality that most agents won’t tell you.  The reason why is clear.

If you knew the truth that nearly 40% of the time, you fail to sell; you might think twice about what you are doing, and why.

That’s not to say that Realtors® do not have their place in the market.  They certainly do!  Speaking as an Investing Realtor®, many of my best customers are Realtors® who bring their customer’s to our service.

What is the reason why they bring their troubled properties to me? Simple.  I buy them!

Agent/Investor Advantage

You see, as an agent and an Investor, I am in a unique position to help you!  Being a Licensed Realtor® in Tucson, AZ I am able to buy your property.. listed or not! When you use a Realtor® who invests, they are under an obligation to tell you the true value of your home.

That way you can make educated decisions about what you want to do with your property!

Contact me today at 520-403-6227 for a confidential discussion about your property situation.  There is no obligation, and you can learn the real reason why your home didn’t sell.

More importantly, you can receive an offer today to sell your home on your timeline!



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