How Do I Sell My House To An Investor in Tucson?

How Do I Sell My House To An Investor?

Chances are, if you live near Tucson, AZ you have seen the rapid changes in the real estate market  and you doubtless have seen the way technology has changed things! If you were to Google “How do I sell my house to an investor?” you might find a lot of good, and bad advice!

The question is, where do you go for reliable information and the ease of sale?  Thankfully, I have some great answers for you!

If you are selling a house that needs work, or trying to decide the pros and cons of selling your home to an investor; you definitely want to keep the process easy, safe, and fair to all parties involved.

Selling Your Home To An Investor

If you have a property here in the Tucson area, one of the first things you will want to do is contact a Local Realtor who can give you an idea of the home’s value in the open market.  As a licensed Real Estate Broker who is also an Investor who subscribes to the Realtor Code of Ethics, I am happy to provide you the most current and unbiased market analysis of homes that have sold in your area.

Regardless of the condition of your home, I am able to make a fast, fair offer on your unwanted home!

Sell Your Home Fast and Easy!

how do i sell my house to an investor
How do I sell my house to an investor?

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone at their disposal.  I understand how schedules can get hectic, and having someone over to look at your home can sometimes get problematic!

If you feel more comfortable, you can even send photographs of your property to me directly, and I can oftentimes make an offer on your home without seeing it personally.

How am I able to do this with any confidence?

After 23 years as a Real Estate Broker, who has worked with banks selling their repossessed homes, I’m very familiar with the Tucson area.  With advanced computer systems, Google imagery, and the Tucson Multiple Listing Service, I am able to (with your assistance) make a fairly competitive offer on an unwanted home.

Of course, I am going to want to see it before we close to make sure it’s what I think it is, and inspect it further, but for the initial “hard part” of “How Do I Sell My Home To An Investor” you now have some tools at your disposal!

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