How Does We Buy Houses For Cash Work?

How Does We Buy Houses For Cash Work

Looking to sell your Tucson home fast?  Looking at We Buy Houses companies in Tucson?  Wondering “How does We Buy Houses for Cash Work?” This article will give you a clear idea of all the options available in the market today!

How Does We Buy Houses Work?

As a Realtor who Invests in Tucson, I have frequently come across Tucsonans who have seen the yellow “We Buy Houses” signs on the side of the road.  This often causes confusion to the passerby… many times, people wonder if it is a scam of some sort!  As with most things, if it seems to be good to be true, it usually is!  In this article, I will share with you some hard won lessons after 23 years as a Real Estate Broker who Invests in Tucson! If you are wondering how does we buy houses for cash work in Tucson, then read on!


We Buy Houses in Tucson
We Buy Houses in Tucson

One of the latest additions to the We Buy Houses types of businesses available is the formation of IBuyer companies.  Companies like Opendoor, Offerpad, and Zillow Instant Offers, have all become popular in a rising economy that appears to be rising with no end in sight.  Oftentimes, these companies use computerized algorithms to determine an applicable offer price.  From there, it isn’t uncommon to be charged a 6%-10% convenience fee before inspections.

One of the advantages that an IBuyer company has is the ability to purchase homes nationally.  However, this advantage comes at a cost for the average homebuyer, as they typically restrict the types of properties they purchase by age, price, size, or location.  It isn’t uncommon for a large national homebuying company to have a difficult time giving an accurate value for your home as they are not members of the local MLS.  While sale prices are available, they are delayed by the time it takes for the local assessor to input the values.  In Tucson, it isn’t uncommon for the Pima County Assessors Office to be delayed by up to 90 days.  This affects the value they can offer you as they are simply guessing at your homes value. 

Local We Buy Houses Companies

Here is where you grab the dice, and take your chances! In Tucson, there is just no telling who you are going to get when you pick up the phone and call a “we buy houses” sign!  There literally is no license requirement to interact with the public in this way.  You might be getting a legitimate We Buy Houses type of company in Tucson like KarlBuysHouses.. OR, you might be getting a fly by night investor who only intends to scam the public! 

It’s important that you do your homework when considering a company or a person to buy your home.  Don’t simply say “yes” to the first person who seemingly agrees with your price.  Many times, these “sheeps in wolves clothing” only intend to agree to your price now.. then beat you up on the price later.. when you need the sale done.  Save yourself the trouble by doing some research.  Ask for references from past customers, and look for someone who has a proven track record of closing on time, as promised!  How much value does it have to “get your asking price” if they fail to close?

We Buy Houses in Tucson
We Buy Houses in Tucson

Since there is no license requirement to be a real estate investor, they will not have any obligation to tell you the value of your home.  This can be a problem for you, especially if you are unfamiliar with local home values.  Companies like Zillow can only analyze the data that they actually receive from the local assessor’s office.  Zillow will self admit that their data can be anywhere from 5%-10% off the actual value.  In Tucson, that can add  up to an enormous amount of money.  If you don’t have a clear idea of your home’s actual value.. they won’t either.. and if they did, they have no obligation to tell you the truth.. at all.

Sell Your Home To KarlBuysHouses

Another option for you is to sell your property directly to me at KarlBuysHouses!  I started KarlBuysHouses as a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage devoted to helping homeowners in the Tucson area meet this important need.  I provide a unique blend of services in this area.  Unlike Offerpad, OpenDoor, and Zillow, I am able to provide you a clear, and up to date market analysis of your property’s true value.

As I am a Realtor, Broker, and Investor who subscribes to the National Association Of Realtors Code Of Ethics, I operate under a certain set of principles, and am bound legally to abide by the Laws of Arizona,  and Real Estate Commissioner’s Standards.  This ensures that you get a fair offer fast on your unwanted Tucson home.

Like an Offerpad, Zillow, or Opendoor franchise, I can close on a date of your choosing, with cash, thus eliminating the need for an appraisal.  Like a local We Buy Houses company, I can close without commissions, paying all your closing costs, and taking your property in it’s “as-is, where-is” condition.

The Process

If you choose to sell your Tucson home to me at KarlBuysHouses, I use a standard, state approved contract.  I encourage you to take my offer to your attorney or Realtor and have them review it. After acceptance of terms, I open escrow at a local title company of your choosing, or if you don’t have one, we can use one that I have used for years.

We close on your timeline, and if you need a few days extra to move your things, then don’t worry about it!  I take care of all details, including any debris you want to leave behind!

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