How To Choose An Escrow Company In Tucson!

How To Choose an Escrow Company
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Things To Look For When Choosing An Escrow Company!

Well, so I just got done opening Escrow, at Title Security Agency, which is where I happen to escrow. It is the 6th of January, 2020 and just got a property under contract and we’re going to be closing that here in about 10 days, I think. We’re going to close that in on the 14th.

I got some hot chocolate, which is extremely hot. I got some Biscoffs, love these. But on the serious note Title Security Agency here in Tucson is a great title company to use. I use them a lot here in Tucson simply because they’re very easy to work with. They don’t give you a whole lot of problems when you’re trying to close a transaction.

For Sale By Owner And Escrow

Now, why this is important to you as a consumer is that if you’re a for-sale-by-owner, let’s say like this fellow is whose home I bought, he was a for-sale-by-owner. He didn’t want to have anything to do with real estate agents, but he was okay with selling it directly to me as an agent, which is pretty common. That’s fine.

But in any event, the thing about an escrow agent that you want to be careful, make sure you use a good one is because escrow is not really there to answer your questions they’re just there to kind of get the deal closed. Now, they’re certainly going to be able to help you when it comes to title and escrow issues and questions when it comes to that. But if it comes to things like a title, I’m sorry, an offer question, or a counter offer, or a procedure kind of thing, or how to correct something within your contract, they’re not going to generally give you a lot of information because they’re supposed to be an unbiased party to the transaction.

So that’s why you want to make sure you use somebody that you can really, really trust. Here in Tucson, I’ve been a real estate broker, gosh, well over 20 years. I’ve been an agent and a broker for 23 years now, going on my 24th year here in Tucson. And I specifically began, Karl Buys Houses as a company to help Tucson homeowners sell their properties directly without having the hassle of putting it on the Tucson multiple listing service, having a bunch of people come through their home. Or what’s worse, having the impersonal large iBuying companies like Zillow or some of these other companies you might have heard of make offers on your properties. Because obviously they can’t offer you as much.

Where iBuyers Fail, I Shine!

This fellow here, he was told that he was going to be able to get an offer from one of these type of large companies and as it turned out, they failed. They weren’t able to complete what they said they were going to do and he called me up and said that he needed the deal done and he needed it done in a specific time period. And that’s why we’re here today outside Title Security.

So the moral of the story here, use people you can trust. It comes to escrow as well as by using a professional home buyer. And you want to use somebody you can trust that you know is going to get the job done. Secondly, you want to make sure that you use state contracts. Something that everybody is clear on. Everybody can understand. There’s a lot of fly by night, we buy houses type companies out there and everybody makes a new year’s resolution that they’re going to be a real estate investor and they buy a bunch of yellow signs. You see them probably popping up all over your area.

Well, listen, there are a lot of people who do this professionally like myself, I don’t list homes, I don’t represent buyers. All I do is buy homes like yours here in Tucson homes, land, mobile home. If you’ve got an unwanted property here in Tucson and you’ve got to your wit’s end, you just, you can’t get rid of it. Give me a call. (520) 403-6227.

This is the first deal we started of the year, and I’m going to have plenty more to do. So thank you so much for paying attention, and as always, I hope you have a powerful day. Bye-bye.

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