How To Fix Up A House to Sell In Tucson AZ

How To Fix Up a House To Sell!

how to fix up a house to sell
How to fix up a house to sell in Tucson!

Chances are, if you are like most Americans, we tend to let certain “deferred maintenance” issues go on your house.  Fixing Up A House With No Money?  If you have a rental property that has been trashed by tenants,  then it is sometimes difficult to have the cash on hand to do the massive amounts of damage a tenant can do!  If you have a inherited property to sell in Tucson, you might intuitively know that a home needs to be updated, but not have the time to complete them.  Sometimes, you simply just don’t want to deal with it anymore!

If you are wondering how to fix up a house to sell in Tucson, AZ then you likely are wanting to limit your expenses while maximizing profit.  After 23 years as an investing Realtor in the State of Arizona as well as selling homes for companies like Deutsche Bank and OneWest during “The Great Recession”; I’ve learned a few things to do to sell your home fast in Tucson with minimal repairs!

What NOT To Fix When Selling A Home?

Before talking about what to fix to sell a home in Tucson, let’s first take a minute to talk about what not to fix!  One of the biggest mistakes I see people do when fixing up a home to sell is putting in expensive flooring!  Carpet or expensive tile rarely has the same “dollar for dollar” return as say.. paint will.  Many times, I have seen homeowners put in expensive flooring only to be surprised when the new owner rips it completely out!

Another mistake I commonly see homeowners in Tucson make when fixing up a house to sell is to overimprove.  The most expensive thing you can do is to repair the home the way you would want it!  Truth is, most people want to do the home their own way, and when you put in the “finishing touches” (read.. fancy, unnecessary extras!) you add extra cost to the home that will not appraise! If you are wondering “how to fix up a house to sell” then read on!

Selling A House That Needs Repairs?

how to fix up a house to sell
How to fix up a house to sell in Tucson

Sometimes, it is simply easier to sell a home that needs a lot of repairs in “as-is” condition.  The problem generally with selling a property “as-is” in Tucson is financing.  If a home needs a lot of repairs, it will not qualify for most forms of traditional financing.  Financing used by most buyers today require the home to be in a certain condition before the lender will lend on it.  FHA, VA, and Conventional all have varying degrees of what they will allow.  Certain repairs will always be required by the lender.  Examples would be broken windows, missing carpet, no functioning heating or cooling are all examples of items that would disqualify a home from traditional financing.

When it comes to selling a home that needs a lot of repairs, or is in need of updating to “current selling standards” sometimes, it is easier to sell it to an investor.  An investor will be able to buy your property in “as-is” condition and close quickly.  As a Realtor who also invests in the Tucson area, I can close quickly, and buy properties in “as-is, where-is” condition!  I close quickly, and can give you a fair, fast offer on your unwanted home in the Tucson area!

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