How To Maintain A Vacant House In Tucson!

How To Maintain A Vacant Home In Tucson

Do you have a vacant house in Tucson area? It isn’t uncommon! With the amount of “snowbirds” we have in the Tucson, Saddlebrooke, and Oro Valley area; then add to that the amount of rental property, it is only natural that we would have a vacant house in Tucson or two here in the Tucson valley!

The challenge comes up with “how to maintain a vacant house in Tucson” while you are gone, or if you have an unexpected vacancy in a rental property. Clearly, if you are living locally, you can simply clean the house up, and rent it out again.

If you are a snowbird, living outside of the Tucson area and trying to maintain a vacant home, the problems still remain the same! Today’s post is designed to givbe you a few ideas about what you can do to help maintain a vacant house here in Tucson!

Let’s start off by answering a couple basic questions!

What Happens When A House Sits Vacant?

First, let’s be clear on what classifies as “Vacant vs. Unoccupied.” A Vacant home in Tucson is completely devoid of any furnishings, or people. When I speak of an Unoccupied Property, personal belongings still are in the residence, but there are no occupants.

When a house sits vacant in Tucson, it generally won’t go unnoticed for long. If it isn’t the bugs crawling up through the drain, or the grass or bushes growing in the yard, it will be the criminals in the streets.

Depending on your property’s location, it can be a short time, or a longer period of time before the unsavory elements of our society will begin to take notice. Squatters have been known to occupy property illegally causing massive headaches to homeowners who have vacant homes.

If it isn’t squatters, criminals, or cockroaches; other negative things can happen to your property. A small water leak going unnoticed for a period of time can cause mold and other forms of water damage. Here at Karl Buys Houses, I have experience in dealing with vacant homes where mold, and damage has taken it’s toll! Trust me, you don’t want that problem!

How Long Can You Leave Your House Vacant?

Usually, aside from security and vandalism risks, the other concern Tucson homeowners have about having a vacant house in Tucson is the insurance issue. While there is no “pat answer”, a good rule of thumb is to say that most insurance companies will suspend your regular insurance after 30-60 days of being vacant.

What Does A “Vacant Home Policy” Cover?

Check with your local insurance agent to see if they offer some form of “vacant house” insurance. They will typically offer this special form of insurance at a higher premium (because of the enhanced risk). As it is a special form of insurance, it will be made to cover specific items that could be caused by vandalism or theft (i.e. ripping out copper wiring, stealing the air conditioning)

You don’t want to be caught unawares with a vacant house in Tucson that gets vandalized! That can get expensive quick!

What Can You Do About Vacant Houses In Your Neighborhood?

The key for you to remember is that every vacant house affects you. It may be difficult to see at first, but if you are in a Homeowners Association; they depend on the HOA Fees getting paid regularly in order to provide services. If there is a vacant house, not only is there a potential vandalism or squatter issue, but a financial burden being placed on the HOA as well.

For those outside HOA fees and gates, the story is the same. Vacant homes attract criminal activity, and homeless people. This can lead to lowering your property values, as well as increased risk to you, and your family’s personal safety.

Personal things you can do to help contribute to our community’s safety is to keep an eye out for vandalism, including graffiti and tagging. Trim the trees, hedges, and overhanging branches. Take the personal initiative to help keep the neighborhood clean and trimmed. Offer to help your neighbor, as it will help you and your properties in the end. Not to mention, you might end up making a friend!

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I pay cash for unwanted, vacant homes in Tucson and as a Realtor who invests, you can rest assured that you are getting a safe, fair offer on your unwanted home.

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