How To Sell a Fix Up Home FAST!

How to Sell a Fix Up Home Fast

If you have a home in or around the Tucson, AZ area you may have noticed that homes in our area are selling quickly.  However, if you have a fix up property that you need to sell, you may have also noticed that it isn’t always easy.

There are actually six steps to consider when selling your Tucson fix up home quickly and for the most money.  Let’s briefly go over them!

Who is going to buy your fixer upper?

When you are trying to sell your fix up home fast, you must consider who the most likely buyer is.  Each buyer has their own criteria of what is important to them, as well as the different price point they are willing to pay.  Unlike a traditional buyer who may be looking for a “turn key” home, these buyers are willing to overlook some repairs if it makes sense to them financially to buy the property.

a. The Flipper:  This buyer has no intention of living in the property.  They are intending to purchase the property with the intent to quickly sell it for a profit.  Wholesalers, Fix and flippers, and many “We Buy Houses” companies fit into this category.

b.  The Bargain Shopper: This is the type of buyer who is looking for particular property in a subdivision, or area but may not be able to afford a home that is in pristine condition.  Typically, the person who is looking for “the worst house, in the best neighborhood.”

c.  The Remodeler: This buyer is the one who has been looking for the perfect home, but for whatever reason, many times has been beat out on other offers, or has been unable to find exactly what they want on the market.  As such, they many times look at a fixer upper property as a potential “clean slate”

How To Sell A Fix Up Home Fast!

  • Take advantage of what cheap and easy fixes you can do yourself that may add some potential value to your home.  Clean up your front yard to add to curb appeal.  Make sure to clean our any outdoor clutter that may be around your home.Depending on the particular buyer, some of these repairs can mean hundreds, if not thousands of dollars being left on the negotiation table, or in your pocket!  Be sure to make small updates to your house as you can.  Fix broken doors, repair missing caulking, stop obvious leaks.  Oftentimes, a person will make a judgement on the INTERIOR of your home based on the way the EXTERIOR looks.  Take the time to be sure you fix what small items you can.


  • Educate yourself about renovation loans like the FHA 203(k) loan that a potential buyer may use for the purchase of your home.   These types of loans can help your potential buyer include the potential repair costs in their mortgage if they qualify.  The more methods you know to market your home, and finance it;  the greater the odds are you will sell it faster, and for more money.


  • Outline the benefits your home already features.  It goes without saying that you know the home better than anyone.  What was it about the property that attracted you in the first place?  Was it the views?  Was it the neighborhood?  The bedroom size?  Write down what you feel are some of the key features your home has that are already benefiting from.


  • Price your property correctly from the beginning.  A key to any successful sale is the feeling that both parties got a value in the transaction.  Oftentimes, the homeowner has a different idea of what repair costs will be, or may not be aware of varying holding costs that each buyer may have.  In order to be successful, it is important that you balance the repairs that your property needs, versus the actual speed at which you would like your home sold by.  If you want to know how to sell a fix up home fast, then pricing is critical!


  • Do not “shop offers”.   As tempting as it may seem… resist the urge to “shop offers” from one buyer to another.  If you receive an offer on your property that does not meet your needs, then simply reject it or counter it.   What some homeowners attempt to do is share the pertinent details about price, or terms that one buyer has offered, and then attempt to get a superior offer by causing a “Auction Effect.”   More often than not, is that the buyer pool who buys these type of properties is pretty limited, and many times, they know each other.   If word gets around that you are shopping an offer around, you may find that you may have no offers at all, or multiple conflicting offers in an attempt to confuse, or kill your deal.

In short, if you are wanting to know how to sell your fix up home fast in the Tucson, AZ or surrounding areas, then treat everyone fairly, disclose everything you can, and price your home to sell.

If you are wanting an all cash offer on your fixup home in Tucson today, then contact me here!

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How to sell a fix up home FAST!
Video Transcription

Hi, this is Karl Krentzel with Realty Executives Tucson Elite and

One of the common questions that often comes up on my blog is “I need to sell my fix up home fast.”

If you’ve got a house that you need to sell very, very fast, there’s a lot of reasons why homeowners need to sell their property very quickly, and my reach out to an investor like myself, to sell their property or to buy it from them.

When you think about it, there’s a lot of reasons why a person may want to take an all-cash offer on their home. Sometimes, it’s simply because a quick cash sale for speed and efficiency, just to go ahead and get the property sold. Other times it’s because there’s conditions or situations that make it difficult for it to sell, things that need to be repaired.

Sometimes it’s just the property that’s an inherited property like this one, and when you think about it, there’s a lot of personal material and personal items that are left on the family to go ahead and dispose of. And if there’s a mortgage on the property, it makes it even harder sometimes for the family members that do survive, to go ahead and keep up with the payments.

So if you find yourself in that situations where you have an unwanted house due to inheritance or divorce or some other reason you’ve got a property that you need to sell, then feel free to reach out to me here at , or feel free to call me directly at 520-403-6227 and I’ll be happy to go ahead and make an all cash offer on your home.

Thanks a lot and have a powerful sales day!

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