Success Stories! “The Mold House”

How To Sell A House With Mold!

In today’s video, I will share another success story with you!  In this case, the homeowner needed to sell quickly, had mold in her home, and wanted to avoid the stress of listing her home.  She contacted me directly last week, and THIS week, we closed!  We closed in 7 days, and 3 of them were over a long Veteran’s Day Weekend! 

This is just another success story of how I can help you!  No matter WHAT your situation is, If you have an unwanted home in Tucson, no matter if it has mold, fire damage, or water damage, contact me for a fast, fair cash offer today!  

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Success Stories! "The Mold House"
Video Transcription

Hey, everybody. Karl Krentzel again here with Karl Buys Houses with another success story here for you today on Tucson’s east side!

This particular property was built in the 2000s. I want to say 2001 if I remember correctly, and it was a great little spot. Problem with this particular property is the homeowner needed to move and she needed to sell right away. So I met her last week as a matter of fact, and we entered a contract last Thursday, and I purchased it one week later. Oh, that is today. I ended up closing on the property this afternoon, even with this mold here, believe it or not.

So this particular house, the situation about this is that she needed to close very quickly and she needed to get a certain amount, and most of the other brokers in town, a lot of the other investors, weren’t really willing to work with her simply because of the price that she was asking initially, and then of course the condition of the property with the mold.

A lot of investors are reluctant to deal with that. A lot of investors, Brokers, are very hesitant to deal with mold because that can become very problematic. So in this particular circumstance, we closed in a week. I paid all of her closing costs. There were no commission, there was no hidden fees, no repairs. She didn’t have to do anything!

All she had to do was sit back in the comfort of her own home, sign a paper, and the rest was history. I went ahead and dealt with her homeowners association. I talked with them, got all the information, paid the homeowners disclosure fee that is required by Arizona state law that the seller pay. I paid that on her behalf. That’s a $400 fee, believe it or not, and so I was able to purchase this property as is, where is, exactly the way it is, in a week, for all cash.

If you’ve got an unwanted property in Tucson regardless of its condition, if it has mold or if it has fire damage, water damage, or any other kind of problem, then I highly encourage you to reach out to me today!

My name is Karl Krentzel, I’m the Broker in charge of Karl Buys Houses. It’s a local real estate firm, licensed by the state of Arizona. I have my own brokerage here to help you with your unwanted property. So if you’ve got an unwanted property of any kind, you want a fast, fair, all cash offer on an unwanted home without having to do anything, well, then feel free to call me today, (520) 403-6227, or visit my website at

Thanks a lot and have a powerful day!

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