The Dead Body House…

How To Sell An Ugly House.

Sometimes, this question comes up with a frightening scenario… Such was the case when we had a home to sell that had previously been occupied by a decaying body.

By the time that my team had arrived, the police work, and investigation of the crime had since passed.  However the smell of the body that had sat in the sealed home baking in the hot Arizona sun was enough to irritate the nostrils of the local neighbors.

Remediation of course is expensive, and how DO you get that Smell out?

Needless to say… the agent that did the Broker Price Opinion for me puked twice while trying to complete it.  

It’s a tough job… being a Investing Realtor®, but someone has to do it.

Selling Your Home As Is

Trying To Sell A Tucson Home Fast?

No matter the condition;  Good or bad.  Living, or other… I’ve seen it all.  There are few homes that have surprised me after 19 years of doing this business.  However, when you are trying to sell your home quickly in Tucson, it can be a bit challenging to the uninitiated!

First things first… if you are trying to sell your Tucson home fast, without commissions you must do these following things!

  1. Price your property appropriately.
  2. Expose your property quickly.
  3. Disclose all known issues upfront.

While it seems obvious to you and I that you must do these three items.  It’s not always clear as to the benefits of them.

Pricing A Tucson Home For Sale

When you are thinking about selling your Tucson home fast for some reason, be it for divorce, a death in the family, or any other reason; pricing becomes even MORE important.

One critical unknown when selling a home is the length of time a home takes to sell.  If it is vacant, it becomes prey for vandals, as well as drug addicts looking for copper to sell.  Although your home may not have copper wiring, or copper piping, I would not count on a meth-addict to know the difference!  Thus, pricing your home to sell fast in Tucson Arizona becomes incredibly important when vacant.

We Buy Houses For Cash
We Buy Houses For Cash

Exposing The Property To The Market

When you are trying to sell your home fast in Tucson, it is a tough row to hoe! With all the technological advances on the Internet… the choices to sell your home fast in Tucson are endless.

Craigslist has certainly become an avenue.  Facebook ads that are targeted to your area could certainly come in handy.  In addition to the traditional methods of signage, word of mouth, and even listing on the MLS.

However… each of these issues also come with their accompanying level of hassle.  For example… with Craigslist, you never know if they were actually going to be able to buy or not.  With the MLS, there is a greater than 25% chance of it not selling…

When you have to sell your property fast in Tucson… sometimes there are fewer options… simply because of time.

Disclose, Disclose, Disclose!

If there is one thing I hear more than any other in the “woes of the Realtor®” is the story of the Seller who didn’t disclose.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t that long ago when a close Realtor® friend of mine was involved in arbitration with a Seller of a property who failed to disclose the true nature of something in their home.

It seems like in our ever “lawsuit happy” world that we live in today… it just seems stupid NOT to disclose.

Remember… just because you are selling your home “as is” doesn’t mean you don’t have to disclose what you know about the house!  When you are looking to see how to sell an ugly house, you know what’s wrong… might as well share!   Trust me… it all comes out in the end anyway.

However to offset the condition of your home, being able to sell it “As-Is” will have it’s benefits.   That’s where dealing with a Licensed Realtor®/Investor like myself comes in handy!  I am able to purchase homes in Tucson and the surrounding area without commission, and exactly where it is.

Selling Your Tucson Home Fast

If you are looking to sell your Tucson home fast, and would like a no – obligation, fair, cash offer for your home in Tucson, regardless of it’s condition, then feel free to contact me at 520-955-5222 or click here!


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