How Working Remotely Will Affect Property Values…

Nowadays, people are able to make decisions about where they live by working remotely, or telecommuting. Back in the day, people woke up, got on the bus, hopped in the car, and drove to the office, or the factory.

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Nowadays, with the proliferation of 5G and predictable wifi service in many metropolitan areas, people now have the ability like never before for working remotely. This is affecting where, and how they make their real estate decisions.

In today’s podcast, I will share with you the facts, and what it means for you here in the Tucson area!

According to a recent study, Phoenix regained it’s position as the “most searched” destination point for relocation. Out of all the potential cities, Phoenix has attracted more buyers from across the country. These same studies have shown that people are choosing to move to places based on their ability to telecommute or working remotely!

Is Working Remotely A Good Idea?

According to a recent Stanford Study, the answer is a resounding YES! It has good benefits for both the employee as well as the employer. Instead of the negative, time wasting image many managers have of telecommuting employee’s, the studies have shown that not only are they more productive, they are happier, resulting in fewer sick days, and higher retention.

Not only are the employees reaping benefits, but so are employers. Employers in the study were able to reduce the amount of expensive office space; saving thousands of dollars a month. A win, win for everyone!

Solutions To The Housing Crisis

There are proactive ways to solve the housing crisis. There are ways to solve congestion, as well as high living costs. One of these ways is to institute telecommuting or working remotely to help ease the necessity for people to live in particular areas.

This is just one creative thing that we as a society can do to help alleviate the issue of having properties that are increasingly expensive! As I mentioned in the podcast, there was an agent who was mentioning that they were experiencing a high volume of people moving simply for this reason!

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