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I take a quick view in Vail AZ at the Old Post office restoration project.  This was the first post office in that area, and it’s amazing to see how it has stood up so far!

I Buy Houses  - Vail
Video Transcription

Well, here I am in Vail, AZ. I’m standing outside the old post office in Vail. This was actually made in 1908. A lot of people, if they’re not from Tucson, Arizona or from this area, Vail, Arizona used to be a tiny little town, and people just didn’t know much about it. In the last 20 years, it has exploded.

My name’s Karl Krentzel, by the way, I’m a Realtor here and an investor here in Tucson, Arizona, and I’ve got to tell you, there’s a lot of exciting changes happening in our area. Vail AZ is but one of them. This particular area has been growing like weeds, and unfortunately that’s meant for a lot of people to move. If you’ve got an unwanted property that you’re trying to sell in the Vail AZ area, and let’s say it needs a little bit of repair, right? Maybe it’s been sticking up with sticks. Maybe you’ve got a restoration project that you’re trying to figure out what you should do with your unwanted property. Well, if that’s you and it needs some preservation, if your property needs some preservation, if it needs a little bit of work, give me a call. 520-403-6227. I’ll give you a fast cash offer on an unwanted home, and I’ll do it fast for you. Thanks, and I’ll look forward to talking to you soon. Have a great day!

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