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fill in the quick form below to sell your houseSelling a house can be stressful. I’m here to take that stress away, make it a fast and fair experience, and to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for but can’t fully enjoy until that pesky house payment is off your back.

I work with people every week who need to sell their house fast.

From people in foreclosure, going through a divorcerelocating and can’t sell their house, those who own a vacant house they don’t want to deal with anymore… to landlords tired of dealing with tenants, people who inherited a house they don’t want, good folks who lost their job and just can’t afford the payment anymore and can’t afford to pay a real estate agent their fees to sell it, to people who owe more on their house than it’s worth and listing with an agent just isn’t an option.

What all of these people I help have in common is…

  • They want to be treated fair
  • They need a solution fast
  • They don’t have the extra cash to pay all kinds of fees like real estate agent fees, closing fees, etc
  • They just want out of the headache this house is giving them

… and they’ve found that I can help them.

To sell your house, just fill out the quick form below. Or give me a call right now at 520-403-6227. 

I Buy Tucson Houses in ANY Condition!
Video Transcription

Hey, everybody! It’s Karl Krentzel with Realty Executives and www.karlbuyshouses.com!

I  Just wanted to talk with you really quickly today about something that happens a lot in the real estate game. In real estate, a lot of times we come across situations that mental illness, hoarding and other things have a lot to do with the customers and the clients that we deal with.

If you’re dealing with a friend or a family member or a loved one who’s dealing with hoarding, OCD or any kind of mental problems, it makes it very difficult for them to care for themselves or take care of their property. It’s always a little difficult sometimes to sell your property open in the public because you’re concerned about what others might think or say.

That’s why it’s helpful to have a team like ours who can help you through this process. We can make an all cash offer on your property, close very quickly, and purchase the property as is regardless of its condition.

If you happen to have someone who needs this specialized help, then feel free to go ahead and reach out to me either by calling me directly at (520) 403-6227, or you can go ahead and text me directly at that same number, or you can feel free to contact me at www.karlbuyshouses.com !

Thanks a lot; and, as always, have a powerful sales day!

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