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“I Need To Sell My House NOW!”

How many times have I heard that unfortunate phrase!  I say unfortunate because usually when you are at that point calling it’s because something has gone wildly out of control!

Obviously being a real estate Broker who invests in Tucson and has been in business for 19 years as a licensed agent has it’s advantage… and it’s horror stories!

I can’t always remember the specifics of each house I’ve sold, bought or had a part in over the years.  However, there are a few characteristics that they seem to have in common when they say that they need to sell NOW!

  • Many times, it’s a tax sale (I remember one poor lady who paid for her house and the only thing she asked in return was for her children to pay the taxes.  They didn’t and it eventually was going to a tax sale.)
  • Sometimes it’s an Estate Sale (One time a Mortgage Broker had a family member who wanted to sell, without the hassle of listing it.)
  • Other times, it’s massive damage (I remember one property that I bought that had a collapsed roof, and the water damage was everywhere!  That was my all time FAVORITE home!)

No matter what the situation was, the commonality between them was they were highly motivated, and didn’t want to deal with LISTING their home.

I appreciate that.  Speaking as an Investing Broker, I’ve had tons of cases where someone was trying to sell their home without going through the hassle of dealing with an agent…yet liked having the security of the Buyer being an agent.

I Need To Sell My House Now!

How It Works

Usually, they called me on my direct number at 520-955-5222 for a free, no hassle conversation about their particular situation.

From that point, if things seemed like it was something that I could help them with, I would usually set an appointment to meet them at the property.

While oftentimes, they are afraid that I will “lowball” them as many other untrained Investors do, I use the Multiple Listing Service to share the most current comparables…

This way, you know what your home is worth in REAL time.

Next, we discuss a fair price for your home.  As I typically pay all cash, can close quickly, and waive all the commission costs associated with a sale, you can rest assured that by selling direct to me, you will get all your closing costs paid, and an opportunity to negotiate your best deal directly!

Of course, I use a state approved contract for our mutual safety, and close locally at Fidelity National Title.

What To Do

If you are in a situation where you need to sell your home fast, then by all means feel free to call me at (520) 955-5222 and let’s talk about your situation!  Many times, you can find fast, honest, and fair relief just by picking up the phone!

To take this one step further, you could always click here to tell me about your property and get started FAST!


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