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If you haven’t been paying attention to the local news, a local group in Oakland California have formed called Moms 4 Housing. This group of women apparently have broken into (or according to the local papers… “entered Illegally”) a local vacant home held by an investor.

Ordinarily, this sort of story doesn’t raise many questions or issues as this typically is handled at the local level in a Superior Court. As we would do in Pima County, the investor who owned the property went to their local court, and filed for eviction against these people who were illegally squatting in the home. They were ordered to be evicted, and in this case, they appealed to the Court asking for a hearing.

Surprisingly, the Court agreed to hear their case, and gave them a brief “Stay of Execution” with regards to their eviction.

Is Affordable Housing A “Human Right?”

Their argument is simply that there are so many vacant homes in the Oakland area, they would be able to supply housing for the homeless if they were able to allow people to move in. In their particular case, they recognize that they aren’t the owners, but they feel that they have a right to stay there because it is a “human right” to be in affordable housing.

The consequences of this behavior, action, and potential judgement in favor of the defendants sends a chill through every single homeowner, bank, and investor. If affordable housing is a “Human Right” as they claim.. then who provides this right? And at what cost? What possible reason would there be for any homeowner to make a payment if it isn’t legally required? Why would you bother buying a home if you could simply move in?

Valid Arguments For Both Sides

There are valid points to be made for both parties. However, it is clear that you cannot simply illegally occupy someone’s home. In today’s video post, I will share with you more commentary, as well as the local news reports and web searches.

Affordable housing is an enormous issue. However this is not the way to solve it. Judicial arguments do nothing but limit the rights of homeowners to dispose of their properties as they see fit.

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