Carson Corner Tucson Real Estate Values!

Carson Corner!

Carson Corner in Tucson is an area that is near and dear to my heart!  I grew up in the area and attended the schools nearby!  Carson Middle School is where I went to school, and I lived in the Ridgewood Apartments across the street.  Ford Elementary and Santa Rita High School all serve the children in the area.

Carson Corner
Charles A. Carson

Interestingly enough, Carson Corner is named after Charles A. Carson  who was a longtime Tucson educator.  He was named “Dean of Boys” for Tucson High, and served the community diligently.  He was known as “Mr. Education In Arizona” for his commitment to public education.  Carson Middle School, and the area immediately around it is named after him.

Carson Corner Real Estate Values

Homes in the Carson Corner are primarily slump block homes built in the 1970-1980 time period.  There are some apartment complexes in Carson Corner but primarily the area is single family residences.  Real estate values have changed dramatically over the years as the below charts will show.

These charts are updated daily from the Tucson Multiple Listing Service and reflect the last three years worth of data in a rolling 6 month average.   This is the same data that an appraiser would use to help determine the value of your home.  This data is specifically for those properties in Carson Corner in Tucson AZ only.

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