Luxury Homes in the Catalina Foothills (Alta Vista)

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The Catalina Foothills area has often been regarded as a “luxury” area in the Tucson area for many years.  It hasn’t always been this way however!  Many people might be surpised to know that back prior to 1920, the Catalina Foothills area was federal trust land that was used  for cattle grazing.   That all changed with a man, a vision, and a purchase of land.

In 1920, a man by John Murphey bought a parcel that was  7000 acres in size at a federal auction with the intent to build 10 low density subdivisions.  . This parcel was the parcel of land that is now north of River, with Oracle Road to the west, and Sabino Canyon to the west.  He later then hired local architect Josias Joesler to help designing and building his idea.  As many Tucson residents know, this area has commonly been known as “The Catalina Foothills”.

Alta Vista, is one of the subdivisions within this area.  This map of Alta Vista Estates Estates will help give you some perspective of where this subdivision generally lies.  Suffice it to say, it is bordering Craycroft Road where it becomes Kolb Rd, North of Sunrise.    It is highly desired for its beautiful views, its absolutely gorgeous homes, and luxury living.   For those who seek a comfortable “Oasis In The Desert” then Alta Vista is definitely one of your destinations!

Alta Vista Home

Luxury Homes in the Catalina Foothills (Alta Vista)

One of the things that makes Alta Vista so highly sought after is it’s exclusivity.  It is an elegant, stylish area filled with high quality homes.  It only has 295 homes in the subdivision and it is carefully monitored by an active Home Owners Association that has an active membership.   Homes in this area are a higher end home with prices frequently between $600,000 USD and $1,200,000.

As you can imagine, in the Tucson market, this represents a higher end home; as such, one would expect certain amenities.  One of the most common amenities found in homes in the Sonoran desert is a personal pool.  A large amount of homes that recently sold in this area had personal pools.  For those who like to have room to strech out, it is not uncommon for the homes to have well over 3000 square feet, and approximately an acre of land.   Almost all of the homes that have recently sold, or were currently on the market at the time of this writing were all four bedrooms or more.

At the time of this writing, there were currently 12 properties for sale in the Alta Vista area, with 3 under contract, and 6 that had closed within the past 6 months.  The thing that many readers may find amazing, is that the homes in this subdivision received contracts within 49 days on average… and more importantly, received over 95% of the asking price!  This is important because many people feel that there are wild variations in list price vs. the actual sales price.  We can see that there is less than 5% of differential, which means there isn’t much negotiation involved on price!

For a copy of the data I used for this information, feel free to download it for free from my Dropbox here.  Please be aware, this is only data that is good for the day I wrote this… if you would like a more recent updated copy, feel free to call me directly at 520-403-6227!

Discover Alta Vista For Yourself!

Don’t take my word for it… Alta Vista has absolutely beautiful views, gorgeous homes, and amazing upgrades!  Words alone can’t describe the luxury that can be had.  If you like looking at beautiful homes, then don’t worry!  You can simply follow these links to see the most luxurious homes that Alta Vista has to offer!

Alta Vista 1-98

Alta Vista 99-145

Alta Vista Estates 1-124

Alta Vista Village II 1-28

No matter if you are currently living in the Catalina Foothills, or just looking at the luxury that the Catalina Foothills can bring, there are so many amazing subdivisions!  Be sure to check out my other posts, where I  will cover even more subdivisions like Ventana Canyon, La Paloma, Finisterra, and others!

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