My House Burned Down… Now What?!?

“My House Burned Down!! Help!”

If you have been displaced from your home due to a fire, flood, or some kind of disaster, then there are a few ideas you need to be thinking about in this awful time.

First of all, if you have just experienced a disaster that has forced you to evacuate your home, then please accept my apologies… This list is designed to help you so you can be prepared in case of emergency.  Most, of not all of these items can be obtained by local charities and relief organizations.

1. Bathroom Essentials

One of the first things that we take for granted are the simple things.  You will need to obtain such basic hygiene products as toothbrushes, tooth paste, shampoo, soap, razors, deodorant, hair brushes, and washcloths. 

My House Burned Down Now What!

2. Baby Supplies

If you have a baby, you need to have a supply of diapers, formula, and blankets. Be sure to take along pediatric medicines, and disposable wipes.  They become very handy!

3. Socks, Underwear, and Sleepwear

Its possible to go for a day or two in a terrible scenario with the same pants and shirt.  However, clean underwear, fresh socks, and comfortable, warm sleepwear can make a awful situation easier to bear.

4. First Aid and Medical Supplies

If you lost your prescription medications in the disaster,  then it is important that you contact your physician and, if necessary, your medical insurance company to have them replaced right away.  You will also want to have basic over-the-counter pain medicine, bandages, and other first-aid materials on hand. Be sure to have pediatric appropriate medicine if necessary!

5. Cell Phone/Camera

If your cell phone was destroyed in the fire or flood, you probably feel like you are missing a tool you have begun to depend on in your daily life.  Since payphone’s are practically non-existent, and landlines are bound to homes, you may want to replace your cellphone with a fast disposable phone you find at a local convenience store.

If you do have a cell phone, but it is not equipped with a camera, it is a good idea to purchase at least a disposable camera.  For insurance purposes, it is important that you document the damage to your home with photographs.

6. Snacks

My House Burned Down

Even though you have access to hot meals and even meals at restaurants after the worst happens, it’s a good idea to have snacks on hand, especially if you have kids. 

Granola bars, crackers, and fruits can help to settle your hunger between meals and provide you with much-needed comfort.

7. Gift Cards or Cash

If you have friends or family that are asking to donate goods to you, don’t be afraid to request gift certificates (be specific) or cash.  Don’t forget the tremendous loss your family has sustained… Sometimes, a nice dinner out will help alleviate the stress that you and your family is suffering.

Sometimes, people donate gift cards to department stores or restaurants to disaster relief agencies or charitable organizations.  These may be available for the asking.  Check with your local charities.

8. Books, Toys and “Creature Comforts”

It seems small, but a special toy, book or blanket can sometimes make all the difference in the world to a small child.  Don’t forget to help them transition through this difficult time to a life that is more predictable.  Additionally, don’t forget that you too will need a few things to help you pass the time between the tasks you now find yourself needing to do.  There will be times of boredom waiting for insurance adjusters, contractors, and other professionals to help you assess the damage.  It would be helpful to have something to help pass the time.

For further information about your rights and options as a Tucson homeowner after a fire, flood, or some other natural disaster; please feel free to call me directly at 520-955-5222 or click here!

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