Section 8 Housing In Tucson

Section 8 Housing in Tucson

$2.9 Million Surplus; 9000 Applicants

Well, they say that’s a good problem to have! The problem is, it’s underutilizing the funds that the Federal Government has set aside for the Section 8 housing in Tucson. In future posts, I hope to cover this issue in further depth as this is but a facet of Tucson’s growing affordable housing issues.

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There are others who have differing opinions as to how to handle this growing issue in Tucson, and it will remain to be seen what Mayor Romero will do in her term as Tucson’s Mayor. She is showing promising signs by asking the right questions in this brief video of an interaction during her first Mayoral City Council Meeting.

As Tucson was recently named one of Americas better investment cities and a high center of appreciation; it is critical that Tucson’s City Council address this serious issue correctly.

How can we put to work this $2.9 Million Dollars as soon as we possibly can…?

Mayor Regina Romero

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