Can You Get Your House In Tucson Back After Foreclosure?

If you’re facing the possibility of foreclosure in the future, perhaps you are wondering can you get your house in Tucson back after foreclosure. After all, you need a place to live! Unfortunately, after the court rules in the favor of your lender and agrees with the lender to proceed with foreclosure, it is very … Continued

Luxury Homes in the Catalina Foothills (Alta Vista)

Tucson Luxury Homes The Catalina Foothills area has often been regarded as a “luxury” area in the Tucson area for many years.  It hasn’t always been this way however!  Many people might be surpised to know that back prior to 1920, the Catalina Foothills area was federal trust land that was used  for cattle grazing.  … Continued

How To Sell A Probate Property In Tucson

If you own a property, that is stuck in the courts, it can feel frustrating and overwhelming. All of your hard work handling everything should pay off in one way or another. In our latest post, we will help you learn how to sell a probate property in Tucson! The probate process is stressful. Selling … Continued

Tucson Home Values And Real Estate Market Trends

Tucson Home Values Is the value of your Tucson home or Pima County home risen in value in the past 12 months?  Chances are you aren’t alone!  According to a recent article by the Arizona Daily Star, home values are actually on the rise in Pima County.    Depending on the area of town your … Continued

Luxury Homes In The Catalina Foothills (Ventana Canyon)

Catalina Foothills Luxury Homes There are few things in Tucson that are more memorable than our weather, our incredible mountain vistas, and outdoor lifestyle.  It is for this reason that so many people choose to move to the Old Pueblo every year.  Many people choose to retire to the Tucson area after visiting our Sonoran … Continued

Tucson Million Dollar Homes

Watch Million Dollar Listing? If you are like me, you probably have spent some wasted time watching television.. and undoubtedly, you may have seen the show “Million Dollar Listing” on the Bravo Network.  If you have ever seen some of the more OUTRAGEOUS homes… you know that can’t possibly happen here in Tucson.. or could … Continued