Sell My Tucson House Fast Success Stories!

Sell My Tucson House Fast!

That’s what the homeowner was thinking when they were looking at we buy houses companies in Tucson.  When they Googled “Sell my Tucson House Fast” they immediately found KarlBuysHouses.. a locally owned Arizona Real Estate Brokerage designed to help Tucsonans out of sticky real estate situations!

As a proud retired veteran, I provide real estate solutions for problem properties.  As a licensed Real Estate Broker and Investor, I have over 23 years of experience helping homeowners in the Tucson area sell their unwanted homes fast!

This is just another successful story of a happy customer!  Contact me today if you have a house you want to sell fast in Tucson!

Success Stories
Video Transcription

Karl Krentzel: Hi, my name is Karl Krentzel with Karl Buys Houses. Welcome to one of our houses.

This is one of the properties that I just closed on yesterday. It’s a great little property. It’s here in Tucson’s central area. It’s over here by Fifth and Craycroft. The unique thing about this house is that it had a septic system. If you can believe it, these tall beautiful trees, right, were fed by a septic system that was 15 years old and leaking. They had a lot of problems with this particular house.

Going inside, one of the things I always tell people when I buy a property is to go ahead and take whatever you want out and leave the rest. I’ll go ahead and I’ll throw away everything so you don’t have to worry about it, so you don’t have to deal with it. You take what you want, you leave the rest.

Now, this particular property was built in the 1950s. Actually, Davis-Monthan used to have this as their enlisted, or not barracks, but their enlisted, their enlisted… well, place for the enlisted to sleep, whatever you’d call that. I guess enlisted housing, right? So anyway, this used to be enlisted housing back in the ’50s. This used to be a three bedroom and the former owners took this bedroom and enlarged it to make it a two bedroom.

Now one of the things about this house was I told the former owners that they could just go ahead and leave whatever they wanted and I would go ahead and take care of the rest, because I understand when you’re dealing with an inherited property or something along those lines, it can be very difficult to know what to throw away and what to keep. I mean, there is a lot of memories involved. There’s a lot of good times, and it’s hard sometimes to dispose of items that you don’t know what to do with. Well, with this particular property, we’re going to go ahead and rehab this property, make it look really good. We’re going to sell it to a brand new family so new memories can be made.

You know, one thing I really do enjoy about Tucson and working with homeowners here in Tucson who have unwanted property, I recognize that there’s a lot of other companies out there like Offerpad or Zillow or Redfin instant offers. I mean, there’s a bunch of different companies out there who can make offers on unwanted homes, but I don’t think there’s another company in Tucson that is able to help you like Karl Buys Houses.

How I’m different I think is I pay all your closing costs, there’s no commissions when you sell directly to me, and best of all, you can take the time you want to close. If you need time to close and move out after closing, well, I can work with you. If you need to just leave your debris behind, well, that’s okay too. I can take care of that too.

If you’ve got an unwanted property that you’ve inherited in Tucson, needs a lot of repairs or for whatever reason you just want to move and you needed a fast, fair offer on an unwanted home, well, reach out to me today at That’s,, and I’ll look forward to seeing you then. Thanks a lot and have a powerful day.

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