3 Ways Karl Buys Houses Can Help You Sell Your Home in Tucson

Karl Buys Houses is a new method of buying and selling real estate, serving both buyers and sellers as a hybrid real estate brokerage. The experts at Karl Buys Houses are professional investors and licensed professional real estate agents. Through this unique approach, Karl Buys Houses can meet any challenges sellers face. Read on to learn about three of the ways Karl Buys Houses can help you sell your home in Tucson.

Traditional MLS Listings

While there are more expenses in this home sales method, and there is no way that Karl Buys Houses  can guarantee a closing date, the extra profit is well worth the effort. Depending on the circumstances you may be facing, working with a real estate agent may be the best option for you, and our agents at Karl Buys Houses can help you sell your home in Tucson on the MLS. For those with properties that are market-ready and have the time, finances, and interest in going through the standard listing process, Karl Buys Houses uses the most up-to-date tools and technology to market your property and bring buyers to your door. 

Direct Sale

For those who do not care for going through the prep work, arranging their schedules around showings, or having strangers touring their property, a direct sale to Karl Buys Houses offers a quick and easy alternative, much like trading in a vehicle. These sellers exchange profit for convenience. We offer fast closings and pay in cash, meaning there is no need to worry about your home’s condition, prepping, or making repairs. Those sellers who can neither afford the time, costs, nor the stress of a traditional listing have the alternative of a direct sell to our professional investors at Karl Buys Houses. As professional investors, we don’t charge commissions. And we have no hidden fees, clearly explaining how we reach our offer. Our agents will take the time to work with you, ensuring this is the best plan to suit your particular situation and make a fair agreement. Karl Buys Houses uses easy-to-understand contracts. Direct sales to our professional investor agents are another one of the ways Karl Buys Houses can help you sell your home in Tucson. 

Alternative Options

One of the alternatives to a traditional sale of a home is working with buyers who need a little time to get their finances in order. Karl Buys Houses we can help facilitate a rent-to-own agreement. This selling method opens your home to a new pool of potential buyers with much less competition. While there is the disadvantage of waiting a few years for the closing, rent-to-own agreements have advantages for you as the titleholder. You can also set a higher sales price and monthly rental fee, with some of the payment going towards the buyer’s down. Because you are risking a jump in the market, that may have meant you would have gained more selling outright at that time. At the same time, the renters are also making your mortgage payments and maintaining your home. Most agreements include the buyers being responsible for repairs and upkeep on the property. If they fail to qualify for the purchase at the end of the agreed-upon term, you will keep all deposits and payments towards the down payment. ways Karl Buys Houses can help you sell your home in Tucson

At Karl Buys Houses, our job is to help you resolve your problems. When you work with Karl Buys Houses, we will explain every step of the process, helping you feel confident about your decisions. Why not learn about more of the ways Karl Buys Houses can help you sell your home in Tucson? Karl Buys Houses is happy to answer any questions you may have without any obligation. Send us a message or call Karl Buys Houses at 520-403-6227 today!