Sell Your House Online in Tucson!

Sell Your House ONLINE?

Can you really “Sell your house online?”  Is that even possible? Thanks to technology and competition improvements in the past several years, much of the hassle has been eliminated in the home sale process.  Companies like Offerpad, Zillow Instant Offers, and other “We Buy Houses” types of franchises have sprung up in and around Tucson and the rest of the country. It makes the sale procees seem easier!

But what are some of the dangers inherent in this process?  As with any new process, we must approach it carefully to consider the ramifications and cost of this convenience.  Instant Buyers (or IBuyers as they are known) are a newer addition to the investor home buying world.  What institutional buyers have brought to the market is something that has been needed to the market for some time.  The ability to sell your house online, easily, and safely!

How To Sell Your Home Online

Because I am an Investing Realtor in the State of Arizona, I have access to the Multiple Listing Service and I am intimately famliar with individual subdivisions here in Tucson.  Unlike a large out of state buyer, I am local, and familiar with local values.  I don’t use algorithms to determine the value of your home, I use the comparables!

sell your house online
Sell Your House Online!

To sell your home online, simply click here to begin the process. Once you tell me a little about the property you are looking to sell, you can simply email, or text your photos or video of your property to me.  You can show any damage you might have, or anything you think I need to know. If you want to sell your house online, it literally can’t get any easier!

From there, I will take that information and compare your home with the other homes that have sold in your neighborhood.   Based on the County Assesor’s Records, the Multiple Listing Service Data, your photos and description,  I should be able to determine a fair price that I could pay for your home.

The advantages are clear.  Easy submission of your property, and the rest is pretty much done online!  Of course, I will want to send my inspector to verify what your photographs say, but if it’s what you say it is, and we can agree on a price and closing date, then we can close fast!

Sell Your Home Online Safely

With the prevalence of smart phone technology, with video and photography, it is now easier than ever to share information about your home.  As an Investing Realtor with 23 years experience, I am accustomed to seeing multiple properties and understanding the repairs that need to be done from video and photograph.  If you are like many people  (busy with life and work) you may not have time to arrange for a showing!

Believe it or not.. you might be one of those people who doesn’t want a bunch of strangers in and out of your home!  I get it!

This is why there are now foreign out of state IBuyers operating in our market.  To me, as a real estate professional who adheres to a Code of Ethics,  I’m constantly shocked and challenged by the amount of chickanery that goes on with unlicensed investors in the Tucson Market.  That’s why here at KarlBuysHouses, I am a local Realtor who invests, with local connections, and a local interest.  You can feel safe working with me! When trying to sell your house online in Tucson, be careful of hidden costs, extra fees, and most of all, shady dealings!

If we agree on the contract price and terms, we can sign everything electronically if you like! All closing costs are paid by me, there are no commissions, and of course, you pick your closing date! If you need to stay behind for an extra day or two, I usually can work with you on that too!

Call/Text me at (520) 403-6227 and tell me about your Unwanted Tucson Home!

I’ll send you a fair, fast offer! Call today or click here to get started!


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