Selling A House In Poor Condition In Tucson!

Selling A House In Poor Condition

Selling A House In Poor Condition in Tucson!
Selling A House In Poor Condition in Tucson!

Selling A House In Poor Condition in Tucson isn’t quite as easy as one might think!  Typically, we think “Well, lower the price and it will sell!” but that isn’t a useful way to approach your problem!  If you have an unwanted property in Tucson that you need to sell fast, but it’s in bad shape, read on!

You see, the biggest problem homeowners in Tucson have selling their unwanted, damaged home is making the decision to either do some repairs, all the repairs, or none of the repairs prior to the sale of your home.  In this short article, I will quickly share with you the advantages, and disadvantages of each way!

How Do You Sell A House That Needs Work?

If you are trying to sell a home in as-is condition in Tucson, then it largely depends on the current condition of your home.  If your home has very few repairs that need to be done, then you obviously can find a buyer who can get financing, and pay retail values for your home.  However, if you have a home that has major repairs that need to be done, or has not been updated in a long time, then you might want to consider selling to an investor like me!

If your home has major remodeling issues that need to be done, the costs can be very expensive.  For example, on a home that I recently purchased, we needed to install a sewer connection.  The connection itself isn’t the most expensive part of the process.  It only costs $4000-$5000.  After paying connection fees, impact fees, hours at the county recorders office, etc… the cost can easily get in to $10,000 -$12,000.  Thus, major remodeling issues can quickly get out of control due to factors outside your control.

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Another example of this is when you intend to do minimal repairs.  Depending on the level of repairs that you choose to do, it can actually hurt you when you try to sell your Tucson home fast to an investor.  The reason is simple.  An investor like myself, makes money on the resale after repairs are already done.  In other words, if you do the repairs, you are doing the work I want to get paid for!  So in this case, sometimes it’s better to sell your Tucson home fast strictly “as-is, where-is” with a strong property sold as is clause.

Selling A House In Poor Condition in Tucson!
Selling A House In Poor Condition in Tucson!

Cash Buyers In Tucson

Although it is tempting to do some of the work yourself, to increase the value of your home to a potential buyer; time and again.. it simply does not work.  If your home in Tucson is unfinanceable, cleaning it out, or repainting it, it doesn’t add value to the home.  It simply makes the necessary work easier.  In fact, I actually prefer you to leave whatever you don’t want behind, and I will throw it away for you! When we buy houses in Tucson, I pay all cash, I buy your property in “as-is, where is” condition,  at a price and terms that we can both agree to.  There is never any commission when selling to me, and as always, I pay all closing costs!

We Buy Houses In Tucson! Fast Cash for Tucson Homes!  Contact Me at (520) 403-6227!

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