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The Story of Rita Ranch!

Are you familiar with Rita Ranch?  If you are from Tucson, you might have heard this legendary story.  If not, then sit with me for a minute in Purple Heart Park as I share with you how Rita Ranch got its name! It is a story about how a famous real estate mogul and movie producer found love, and insanity in the Sonoran desert!

The Story of Rita Ranch!
Video Transcription

I’m not sure if you can see that up there, but this is Purple Heart Park. Purple Heart Park is right in the middle of Rita Ranch, and Rita Ranch is a subdivision on the southeast side of Tucson. The reason why I wanted to take this video today here in the park is just to talk with you really quickly about Rita Ranch. If you’re from Tucson, you may not know this story, but I’m from Tucson myself here, and the story goes for Rita Ranch. I’ve been selling houses in Rita Ranch and in Tucson here for 23 years now., the story is this. That many, many years ago, as many people know, Howard Hughes lived and had a property here in Tucson, Arizona, and people would come to Howard Hughes, real estate agents like Roy Long or others would come to him, and they would say, “Look, we’ve got some parcels of property that we’d like you to buy,” and he would just say, “I’d buy them,” sight unseen. That’s what he would do.

So, basically, what happened was, at least the legend anyway, is that someone came to Howard Hughes and said, “I got this big beautiful parcel on the southeast side of town that you might be interested in.” Now, Howard Hughes was here at the time because he was making a movie, and he thought it would be a great idea to buy this entire ranch area for his girlfriend. girlfriend at the time was none other than Rita Hayworth. Rita Hayworth, I should say. He wanted to buy her this entire ranch and all of Rita Ranch for her, and it’s named Rita Ranch because of Rita Hayworth. So, in case you hadn’t heard that, well, now you know the story of Rita Ranch. The reason why I bring that up is because I’m a broker here in Tucson who buys properties in Rita Ranch. I love this area. One of my first investment properties was actually here in Rita Ranch. It was right there on Vía Ronaldo, actually, if you’re from this area.

So, if you’ve got an unwanted property, a lot of military folks live here, a lot of Raytheon folks live here. They get transferred an awful lot. If you’ve got an unwanted property that you’re looking to sell, well, I’m an investor here in town who’s a military retiree myself, and I love buying property in this area. So, if you’ve got an unwanted property, feel free to give me a call: 520-403-6227. My name again is Karl Krentzel from Karl Buys Houses, and I appreciate your call. Thanks a lot, and as always, I hope you have a powerful day!


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