Tucson Real Estate Market Trends And Forecast 2020

Tucson Real Estate Trends

You know, a common thought amongst Tucsonan’s is that the Tucson real estate market somehow “slows down” during the Holidays! While historically, there has been some truth to this, this has been largely overshadowed by the current real estate market push.  As you can see from the below video taken Friday December 6th, 2019; the Friday real estate market for Tucson is very active.  Just watch what happens in this short video, and then compare it with the same results the following Monday Morning!

Real Estate Market Update December 6 2019

What A Difference A Weekend Makes!

If you are trying to determine what the current real estate trends are for Tucson Arizona; it is important to know three things.  The Time of the Year, The Type of Property, and the Time You Want Your Money.  Each of these factors can play a significant role in the amount of money that you can receive from the sale of your home.

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Take a quick look at the video below, and discover firsthand how the real estate market in Tucson is fast paced, competitive and not what a person from the East coast might suspect!  Tucson has multiple selling seasons, and our market statistics reflect this!

Market Update December 9th 2019

Tucson Real Estate Market Trends And Forecast 2020

While it is difficult to be certain about the real estate market in 2020, there are several opinions.  One opinion is that we could see major, catastrophic changes in the real estate market due to the enormous changes we have made in buying and selling real estate with a loan.  Another opinion is that it will be a slower, more gradual increase.

Regardless of what happens to the Tucson real estate market, either rocking and rolling like this weekend, or a slower rougher year ahead,Tucsonan’s can expect to see a strong real estate market for the foreseeable future.

Some properties in Tucson won’t sell no matter how much time you give them! If that is your circumstance, then contact me today!  I can examine your situation, and as an Investing Realtor here in Tucson, I can make you a fast, fair offer on your unwanted Tucson home quickly!

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