6 Ways To NOT Sell Your House in Tucson!

Ways To NOT Sell Your House…

When people put their home on the market in Tucson, its so that they can sell their Tucson home fast.  You wouldn’t think that there were people out there simply trying to find ways NOT to sell your house!  If there is anything I have learned in 23 years as an Investing Real Estate Broker in the State of Arizona..is that there are Six Ways NOT To Sell Your house in Tucson.   There are probably more, but in my career, these are the six most common things I have heard that would be ways not to sell your house!

I Don’t Smell Anything!

Ways To NOT Sell Your House
Ways To NOT Sell Your House

One of the most off-putting things about a house is it’s smell.  I get it, you’ve lived with Fluffy for 15 years, and she’s blind.. and you change the cat litter at least twice a month.  I get it.  However, many homeowners are nasally blind to the odors of your own home!  Odors of any kind can be a great deterrent to a home sale!  If you really don’t want to sell your home fast, or for top dollar.. then definitely keep that smell going!

I can’t tell you how many homes I have been in where the nicotine stains the walls and drips down in the summer heat from the moisture in the evaporative cooler.  It’s really kind of an interpretative art scene really.  The way the brown nicotine stain ripples down and permeates the wallpaper.  While I realize those who smoke can’t smell it, everyone who enters the home do.  As a former smoker myself, I recognize the difficulty to accept the pungent smell of cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoke.  For those who are looking for ways not to sell your house… smoke ’em if you got ’em! 

I Don’t Hear Road Noise!

According to a recent study , which I won’t cite here because you don’t look it up anyway… basically says that homes that are close to major road costs about $34 a decibel for “noise damage.” If you are trying to find ways not to sell your house, then this is a killshot for ya!

Failing to acknowledge road noise, school baseball diamonds, or railroad tracks, or construction, or even your friendly local fire department can create noise problems is a great way to not sell your house! I recognize that was kind of a run on sentence, but it’s certainly true!  I can’t tell you how many people are utterly SHOCKED that their home isn’t selling… meanwhile, the sirens are blaring down the road right in front of the house!

I Don’t Need A Lockbox, I’m Always Home!

This is literally one of my favorites! It’s such a shock to a homeowner who has had their home on the Tucson MLS and their home didn’t sell.  Their home expired from the MLS and they can’t figure out for the life of them why their home didn’t sell.  Then, as a Real Estate Broker who Invests in Tucson, I look on the MLS and find out that their home never had a lock box.  When I ask the owner about it, they almost always say the same thing…

“Why do I need a lockbox?  I am always home!”

Ways To NOT Sell Your House
Ways To NOT Sell Your House

This is probably one of the most powerful ways to NOT sell your house! Why?  Because when real estate agents bring their clients through your home, they want the ease and ability to show your home with as little delay or interruption required.  YOU think that it’s simple.. “Just call me!  I’ll take the dog for a walk and you can show it!” or my other personal favorite… “We will just go out back or go outside!”   I’ve got some bad news for you.  Today’s homebuyer is just as pressed for time as you are  and many times the scheduling of a showing is fluid.  Additionally, NO home buyer wants you to be around.  They want to talk to their agent.  So if you really want to make sure your home doesn’t sell.. take off the lockbox!

I Don’t Need To Negotiate!

Oh my goodness!  This is literally one of my favorite things home Sellers say… If you are looking for some legitimate ways to NOT sell your house in Tucson.. say that!  There is literally NOTHING I have ever heard in 23 years of selling homes in Tucson that will kill the motivation of a potential home Buyer to work with you or make an offer on your home faster than this!  I literally know of nothing you could say to a homebuyer that would discourage them from even making an offer on your home!

I mean, if you are looking to kill that home sale of yours, then get into the belief that your home is special and unique!  I mean.. literally there isn’t a single house in Tucson like yours.. and THAT is exactly why you need to ask 20% more than anyone else in the neighborhood!

This is one of the particularly effective ways to not sell your home in Tucson.  Many homeowners think that their home is so special, that they don’t need to negotiate on anything.  Not on price, not on terms, or repairs of any kind.  These particularly unique sellers know they sit on a very special piece of property... and they are committed to being the highest bidder on their own home! 

I’m Not Going To Do Repairs!

Ways To NOT Sell Your House
Ways To NOT Sell Your House

It’s always exciting for me when I see a homeowner put their home on the Tucson MLS and offer it for sale without the expectation that they will have to do repairs!  If you are looking for a way out, or more ways to not sell your house in Tucson, then do no repairs!  Unless your home is in pristine condition, your home will most likely need a repair or two.

The challenge that most homeowners in Tucson have when selling their home is the absolutely ridiculous amounts of repair requests that the homeowner gets.   The “knee jerk” reaction of most homeowners is to say “I’m not going to do ANY repairs.”  Thus, they throw the “baby out with the bathwater..”

A more appropriate response is a willingness to compromise on repairs, or sell it as is to an investor like me.  But if you really don’t want to sell your house fast, or at all, then simply try to sell your home at a retail price without doing any repairs at all!  Without your home being in pristine shape, you might have a challenge!

I’m Not Going To Pay Closing Costs!

Oh buddy!  We have hit the motherlode of emotions now!  I love watching the expression on a homeowners face when an agent tells them that the buyer has requested that they pay thousands of dollars worth of BUYER closing costs!  As you can imagine.. home owners are so thrilled to pay buyer closing costs….  Unfortunately, in the real estate market these days, it is very common for buyers to ask homeowners to pay the buyer’s closing costs!

Ways To NOT Sell Your House
Ways To NOT Sell Your House

If you are looking for a fantasic way to kill your home sale.. here you go! Refuse to negotiate in any way over closing costs!  Simply tell them no and I promise they will go away!

For most home owners, they cannot understand why a home buyer would need them to pay their closing costs… after all.. the Home Owner was responsible enough to save up the money for their own downpayment when THEY bought!!!

I can’t tell you how many times a Homeowner has told me that statement… and I get it.  However, home buyers asking for closing costs is a very common function of the market these days.

Sell Your Tucson Home FAST Without Hassle!

As I previously mentioned, as a Realtor who is also a Broker who Invests in Tucson, I have spent a lot of time in the Tucson area helping homeowners just like yourself.  I’ve heard all these reasons, and tons more of other ways to not sell your house in Tucson.  It is exactly for these reasons that I buy houses in Tucson fast, and as is!

No matter what your home smells like, no matter how noisy it might be, no matter if you need repairs, I am interested in your unwanted house!  If you are willing to be a little negotiable on your price,  I am willing to purchase your home fast, and in exactly the condition it is in right now!

I pay all the closing costs, I pay for all inspections, and normal closing fees. You don’t need a lockbox, or strangers looking at your home.   You don’t have to lift a finger for repairs.  You don’t even need to remove the debris!  If you have an unwanted home in Tucson that you want to sell without the hassle.. call or text me at (520) 403-6227! 

I will make you a fast, fair offer today! Click Here! 

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