What Are Buyers Looking For In A Home?

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“What Are Buyers Looking For In A Home?”

When you are trying to sell your home in today’s market, you may be wondering “What are buyers looking for in a home?”  Well, then answer is actually much simpler than you may believe!

What Are Buyers Looking For In A home?
What Are Buyers Looking For In A home?

The great news for you and I in today’s “Internet Age” is the ability to see, and track what consumers today are purchasing in a way clearer than ever!  For example, according to the 2013 Profile of Buyer Home Feature Preferences, the “Top 3 Interior Design Features” that today’s Generation “X” and Generation “Y” Homebuyers are looking for are the following:

  • A Walk In Closet in the Master Bedroom
  • In-Suite Master Bath
  • New Kitchen Appliances

So where does that leave you and I?  What other factors does the homebuyer of today want? What are buyers looking for in a home?

I’ve compiled a short Top Ten List of what are homebuyers looking for in a home… They are arranged from Important, to Critical!

#10 Online Photos

10. Online Photos
10. Online Photos

Critical to the sales process. Today’s Internet Saavy buyer is requesting photographs on every property they view…  Like it or not, you must be open to the public eye!

#9.  Low HOA Costs

This can be a game changer for some people.  If the home has HOA Dues that are enormously high, then nobody can afford to pay both the mortgage, as well as the HOA dues or special assessments.

#8.  The “Look”

One of the factors that today’s buyer considers is “The Look” of the property.  If it has unusual odors, looks, or other factors (i.e. neighbors with junk cars) that will detract from your home’s sale.  It must have the proper “Look” so they can show it off to their friends.

8.  It has "The Look"
8. It has “The Look”

#7.  Energy Efficiency

It’s not hard to believe that today’s energy conscious, Earth friendly buyer is more interested in an energy efficient home than one that is old, leaky, and inefficient.

No amount of “Old World Charm” will make up for the dollars they spend wasting it on energy bills.

#6.  Technology

For today’s Internet buyer, the Internet Service Provider for the address must be of top quality.  Even Internet Speeds and Internet Strength are a matter of material interest to today’s “at home” professional.

Do not be surprised to see a home failing to sell simply because it has “landlines” when the competitors of today now have Cat-5 Cable!

#5.  Low Maintenance

I’m pretty sure you can remember what it was like, when you first started out. You were a little scared, and you might have been concerned about repairs.  Today’s buyers are no different.  They want absolutely no maintenance because unlike generations of the past, many times today’s buyers may not have the time, nor the skills (or the tools) to repair today’s equipment and systems!

When buyers are starting out, the biggest questions I hear what are buyers looking for in a home?  Low Maintenance!

#4.  A Good Location

4.  In a Great Location
4. In a Great Location

Location, Location, Location!  Has always been the catchword of the day!  At least when it comes to Real Estate.  However, today’s buyer is looking for a LOT more than a great location! If you want to know why your home isn’t selling? It’s because there are TONS of great properties on the market today in a great location!  People stopped building in swampland years ago!

#3.  Home Office

For today’s busy Internet professional, one, or both of the homeowners are working from home.  If this is the case, then a home office is of extreme value.  Not the bedroom that has been used as a office… but an actual Home Office setup, complete with extra plugs for Internet connection and additional power plugs.

#2.  A Big Kitchen, and an Open Floor plan

With so many homes being built in the most recent housing boom… a large spacious kitchen and flowing rooms in a floor plan are the norm.  Therefore, if your floor plan was something that Lucille Ball would have enjoyed.. you are in trouble!

Make sure that if you are trying to sell your home, you understand this critical point.  If your kitchen is cramped, outdated, or your house lacks a proper “open-ness” to it… it will not easily sell!

2. Needs Open Floorplan
2. Open Floorplan

#1.  Updated Kitchens and Baths.

For today’s buyer, this is their biggest request.  The Kitchen is where much of the family spends it’s time socializing, meeting over important details and preparing meals.  As such, to have a kitchen that is not one to be proud of is an instant turn off to today’s buyer.

One might say, “Well, tough on them!  They Need to buy a New House!”

Often times, they do!  The disadvantage is obvious for those of us who have homes that aren’t new.

New Solution To An Old Problem!

Fortunately, there is hope for these homes that do not have these items!  If you have a home that you are considering selling, but have no interest in spending the time, nor the dollars to upgrade your current house to match “What Are Buyers Looking For In A Home?” then you came to the right place!

1. Updated Kitchens and Bath
1. Updated Kitchens and Bath

As an Investing Realtor® and Broker, I spend a lot of my time looking at, and analyzing the market looking for potential deals!  I can often pay cash for homes within as little as 7 days!

So if you have a “less than perfect home” or one that could use a little polishing, then feel free to CLICK HERE  for a confidential, no obligation assessment of what I might potentially offer you for your your home in an all cash, as is, where is, sale!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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