What To Do If Your Home Doesn’t Sell?

Are you wondering what to do if your home doesn’t sell off the Tucson MLS? Do you have a friend or a family member who’s home failed to sell on the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service?)  I’m sorry to hear that!

Truth be told, according to recent surveys, nearly 25% of all the homes that go on the MLS nationally do not sell the first time.

Here in Tucson, it’s even worse!

The reality is, many people feel that the Multiple Listing Service is the solution to all their real estate problems!  However, the sad truth is far worse.  If the Tucson Multiple Listing Service was all it took to sell a home in today’s marketplace.. agents would be rich, and there would be no expired listings!

What To Do If Your Home Doesn’t Sell?

At the end of the day, you simply want your home SOLD… not another listing.. am I right?

If you have ever sat there frustrated… wondering why your home hasn’t sold and why others in your neighborhood have then I can appreciate how you feel.  As a Broker, and an Investor, I too have felt the sting of the market when your home doesn’t sell!

Not to worry however… Unlike every agent in town who is calling you for your listing, I am here to give you some practical advice that you can use to sell you home quickly.. even THIS WEEK!

Have A Friend Who's Home Didn't Sell On MLS?


What To Do To Sell Your Home THIS Week!

You have several options at your disposal…  You may feel like you are “under the gun” with the relentless calls that you are getting by agents looking to list your home! No offense… but where were they when your home was on the market?

In this case, you DO have time, and several good options.  Let’s quickly look at your options to sell your home this week!

First… You could LIST your home again.

However… the biggest question that you have to ask yourself is…”What specifically will that agent do THIS time.. that they didn’t do LAST time?  Other than drop the price?”

Ouch.  That doesn’t seem like much of an option… Going back on the roulette wheel of the MLS.  Not to mention not necessarily a sale THIS week!

The Second Option… You could try to sell it “By Owner” on the open market.

You can certainly sell your home yourself.  TONS of people do it all the time.. The question is, do you have the time to wait?  If you want to sell your home this week, you want someone you can trust… who will close!

What To Do If Your Home Doesn't Sell
What To Do If Your Home Doesn’t Sell!

Most Buyers that are attracted to For Sale By Owners need financing via conventional loan or some form or Governmental loan. This exposes your home to needless inspections by people who may not necessarily live in our area.  Pardon my commentary.. but more Governmental regulation that slows down your sale! 

When you are wondering “What to do if your home doesn’t sell?” then there is no time for half measures!

The Third Option… Selling to an investing agent like me!

One of the major benefits of working with an investing Realtor® like me is my familiarity with State and Federal regulations and contracts!  At a moment like this, you do not want to tempt fate with non-standard contracts!

You have specific protections afforded you under the Arizona State Constitution, as well as the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics!  Specifically the full disclosure of the true market value of your home.  In other words, I must provide to you comparable sales to justify why I feel your home is worth a specific amount.  NO Guesswork here!

Additionally, I can close on your time frame!  If you need the money quickly, my team of escrow specialists stand ready, and if you have time, no problem! I’m flexible!

How It Works!

Now that you know the basics of what to do if your home doesn’t sell, the next step you need to take is to either forward this page to a friend you feel could use it!

If you need to sell your home and your friend forwarded it to you, then simply Click Here! 



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