What to do when a tenant trashed your home!

What to do when a tenant trashed your home…

Probably one of the biggest nightmares a landlord can have is when a tenant trashes your rental home.  If you have had a tenant who has done significant damage, or has left personal items behind, you have a big headache on your hands!

It’s hard to believe it can end this way.  I’ve rented out properties myself.  I know how it works!  You screened your tenant to the best of your ability, and you never imagined it would end like this.  Debris all over the property, damage throughout, back rent that hasn’t been paid, and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars spent in legal fees to evict them.

Regardless of how you found yourself in this predicament, there is good news!

After the Eviction…

Check with your local city and state laws, but for landlords who are looking to sell your home in Tucson AZ, the process is fairly straightforward.  Contact an attorney for legal advice for evicting tenants, and the personal property that remains.  In Tucson, AZ. a landlord needs to hold any personal property secure for 21 days after an eviction.

Photographs and video are critical to this process.  You want to ensure that you document all the property that remains to ensure that no former tenant can come to you later claiming they had a large screen TV and the latest gaming systems that you threw away!

If you are diplomatic and firm, chances are your tenant will leave without doing significant damage to your property.

However, there are some cases where although the tenant did not physically damage the property overtly… their simple way of living and the debris they leave behind is sometimes worse than damage!

Be sure to follow local state and municipal ordinances regarding the final security deposit.  By carefully documenting how your tenant left the property, you can demonstrate to any Court the steps you took to secure your property, as well as ensure the health and safety of the other homes and families in the area.

Should you Fix Up or Sell Your Home Fast?

At some point, you will have to evaluate the property to determine the level of damages.  Obviously, your insurance may be able to help depending on your coverage as well as level of actual damage.  A good insurance agent can help point you through what may be covered.

Also consider all the different costs associated with ownership of a trashed property.  Property taxes, possible condemnation, further damage by others ripping out copper electric lines and other problems should be considered when securing, and repairing the property.

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What to do when a tenant trashed your home!
Video Transcription

Hi, this is Karl Krentzel with Realty Executives Tucson Elite and www.karlbuyshouses.com with a quick message today on a question that frequently comes up on my blog.

That question is, “What do you do when a tenant trashes your property?”

You know, I’ve been in the game for 22 years now and I can honestly tell you this isn’t the first time I’ve see a tenant tear a house up. You know, if you own a property and you’re a long distance owner and you happen to have some tenants in the property and you’re not entirely sure of what’s going on, a lot of times it’s helpful if you’re thinking of selling the property to go ahead and get an all-cash offer, especially if it’s in this sort of condition.

The reasons why an all-cash offer might work for you in this particular circumstance… We will we take care of everything. You know, when you think about it, it doesn’t matter what the condition is, we’re willing to go ahead and buy it. It doesn’t matter what kind of situation your tenant left it in. We can certainly make an offer that’ll be equitable and fair to everybody.

So it doesn’t really matter. If you’ve got a property in the Tucson, Arizona area that you have a tenant that’s just giving you too much trouble and you need to sell, then feel free to reach out to me at 520-403-6227 or go ahead and contact me on my website at www.karlbuyshouses.com.

Thank you so much and have a powerful day!

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