What To Do When You Inherit A House?

First, please accept my condolences.  The circumstances regarding a sale of a loved one’s house are challenging under the best of circumstances, so before I tell you much more, I want to express my condolences.

When you are left with the challenge of selling a house that you have inherited, the question often comes up “What to do when you inherit a house?”  The good news is, if you are in Tucson, I buy houses and as a Licensed Realtor® I am able to answer many of the questions you may have.

What to do when you inherit a house

Several Options

One of the benefits that you have is you generally have time on your side.  When you have time, you have options.

Certainly, if you are choosing to get the most money possible for the property, and don’t mind the possibility of paying the buyer’s closing costs in addition to your own, you can certainly list the home on the market with a traditional agent.

If you are the “do it yourself” type, then there is always the “For Sale By Owner” route.    By using traditional signage, Craigslist ads, and a mixture of other methods, you could potentially attract a buyer.

Another option is selling the home direct to an Investing Broker like myself.   In that case, you get the best of both worlds.

Investing Broker Advantages

Unlike with a Traditional Agent, I actually purchase the property instead of listing it!  You get 100% disclosure of local comparables; so you know that you are making your best deal!

Unlike a “We Buy Houses” company, you get a licensed broker with over 19 years experience in local real estate as an investor as well as Broker.  This means you can rest assured knowing your transaction is being conducted with a licensed professional by the State of Arizona as well as the National and State of Arizona Realtor® Associations!

Unlike Selling By Owner, I waive all commissions, pay all the closing costs, and take your property in As-Is Condition. This means you can negotiate your best deal directly with me!  No more middle men!

Time Is On Your Side

Perhaps the worst thing that you could do at this moment is rush to decisions.  That’s why if you are asking what to do when you inherit a house, especially in Tucson; the first thing I say is be patient.

Make sure that you are not acting too quickly!  This way you can be confident when the time comes to sell the home and negotiate for your own best interest.  The worst thing that I have seen people do in the 19 years that I’ve done this business is making a snap decision.  It almost NEVER works out!

When the time comes, you will know. When you are looking to sell your Tucson home, feel free to click here and tell me about your Tucson home or call me directly at 520-955-5222!

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