Which Home Improvements Add The Most Value?

Which Home Improvements Add The Most Value?

If you are like most people, you are wondering which home improvements add the most value to a home you are trying to sell.   After all, if you are trying to ultimately sell an unwanted home, then you might be in the process of planning to do the repairs yourself, and then sell for a profit.  That’s a good plan!  As an Investor and a Real Estate Broker here in the State of Arizona, I have often come across homeowners like yourself who are asking me “Which home improvements add the most value?” 

Clearly, if you are trying to add value, you don’t want to add $1.00 worth of work to get a quarter out! That being said, in this article I will share with you some of the experience I have had over 23 years with some of the home improvements people typically make to sell their home fast in Tucson!

Best Renovations To Do Before Selling

If you are going to spend any serious money in renovating your home, then the first and best place to start is in the kitchen.

Which Home Improvements Add The Most Value?
Which Home Improvements Add The Most Value?

People today consider the kitchen to be the focal point of the home, therefore, any improvements here must be done with care.  A poorly done improvement can actually be detrimental to a home’s value.  So it is important to consider the amount of repair work that you intend to do prior to beginning the work! 

Another popular home improvement is the addition of another bathroom.  If you are wondering how to increase home value for appraisal, then this certainly is one good way!  What many people think is to add another bedroom by enclosing a carport or garage.  This is actually one of the worst things you can do! 

This is because when you are adding a bathroom, you are adding to the value and usefulness of the home.  When people enclose a garage or a carport to add a “bedroom” they actually decrease the value of the home. Instead of having an extra bedroom, they have no covered parking!  Anyone who has lived in Tucson Arizona can tell you the intrinsic value of having covered parking.  With the rising cost of the median sale priced home in Tucson, people expect covered parking when paying that kind of money! An added bathroom however can be a very cost effective improvement to a home if you have the room to add one.  How much value does adding a bathroom add? According to the National Association of Home Builders, a half bath can add up to 10% of your home’s value, while a full bath can add up to 20% of your home’s value!

Cheap Ways To Increase Home Value!

One of the best ways to “put lipstick on a pig” is to put a fresh coat of interior paint on! You would be surprised to see what effect a light colored off white paint will do to a tired house! The “fresh paint smell” is certainly an inexpensive way to increase the value of a home.  Just like a car wash will improve a car’s sale price, so will fresh, neutral colored paint improve a home’s ultimate sale price.

Which home improvements add the most value
Which home improvements add the most value?

Another often overlooked upgrade is switchplates, lightbulbs, and doorbell buttons.  If you are going to go through the trouble of upgrading other things in your house, for goodness’ sake, please spend the extra $25 it costs you to get new switchplates, lightbulbs and doorbell buttons.  Nothing screams shoddy attention to detail worse than this!   If you were selling your home as is, then you wouldn’t need to worry about the little things like this.    However, for less than $100, anyone can replace every dirty light switchplate, burned out lightbulbs, and cracked doorbell buttons.  A nice touch is to add fresh paint and a new doorknob to a door.  This also is a cheap way to increase the “wow factor!”

Sell It “As-Is, Where-Is”

Another popular alternative amongst the “fix it up yourself” crowd is to sell it just the way it is.  If you have an unwanted home in Tucson, you have some serious choices to make.  On the one hand, you have the investment of capital involved in both improving the home, and waiting for the market to pay you the price you are needing to get from your home after repairs. This can be tricky, especially if you aren’t overly familiar with the styles that today’s consumers are demanding.  In my short 23 years of doing this business, I can remember when carpet was all the rage, then saltillo tile, then ceramic tile, then onward!  From Corian countertops, to Concrete countertops, and everything in between.

If you aren’t familiar with what buyers of today are looking for in homes, you could very easily spend money improving an area of your home, only to discover that you have spent money in the wrong place.  I cannot tell you how many people I have personally met over the years who have lost enormous amounts of money this way.  Chances are, you know people like this in your own life as well!

This is why you might want to consider selling your unwanted home to me.  I am an Investor and a Real Estate Broker who invests in the Tucson area.  I can give you a fair, fast offer on your unwanted home by simply clicking here,  or by calling or texting me at (520) 403-6227.  You can know very quickly which is the best approach for you and your family.  Should you fix up and sell, or should you sell as is?

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