Who Is Going To Buy Your House?

Who Is Going to Buy Your House?

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Ok Boomer, Who’s Going To Buy Your 21 Million Homes?”, authors Laura Kusisto and Cassidy Araiza bring up an important question every homeowoner should ask themselves today… Who Is Going to Buy Your House?

Who Is Going To Buy Your House?
Who Is Going To Buy Your House?

This question is important because the authors of the article make the assertion that there is coming a time.  Perhaps in the not so distant future, where so called “Baby Boomers” and other older adults sometimes derisively called “Boomers”  will have difficulty selling their home.  Younger adults, the article claims, may be having problems, but those problems aren’t in magnitude to the inability to sell your home.

Additionally, the article breathes a word of warning as well.  The inability or unwillingness of a younger generation buying “Boomer’s homes” creates a oversupply of homes.  An oversupply of homes in retirement type communities will result in languishing prices, and decreased demand.

While it is difficult to say whether or not a golf course community will be as attractive to a comparatively younger demographic when they are retiring is still anyone’s guess.  But it does raise the important question about your particular home, and your ultimate plan to sell your home fast in Tucson.  If you are looking to sell your home, you don’t want to spend a long time on the market, you don’t want a lot of hassle, and you DO want what’s fair.  If that’s you, keep reading!

 How Much Will An Investor Pay For My House?

Oftentimes, as an Investing Real Estate Broker in the State of Arizona, I am asked “How much will an Investor pay for my house?” The answer isn’t always crystal clear! While it is true, some novice investors buy homes based on a certain percentage of the home’s perceived value, I do it differently! 

Who Is Going To Buy Your House?
Who Is Going To Buy Your House?

When you sell your home direct to an investor like me at KarlBuysHouses, you get several options based on what your needs are.  The primary difference when you sell direct to an investing Realtor like me is that you are given a complete market analysis of your home direct from the Tucson Multiple Listing Service.  This way you know exactly what your home is worth, and more accurately than Zillow can provide.   This is important so that you know you are not getting taken advantage of!

This is just another benefit of working with an Investor who is also a Realtor who must adhere to a Code of Ethics. 

How much will an investor pay for your house largely depends on three things.  First, the condition the home is in; Second, is how quickly you want to get paid; and Third, the comparable sales in the neighborhood.

Sell My House Now

If you want to sell your house now, i.e. within 7-10 days, then it definitely can be done.  I have closed on a property in as little as four business days. Depending on your circumstances and the overall condition of the home, you can close very quickly.  What usually slows down the process in Tucson, AZ is if you live in a homeowners association.   Sometimes, it can take them a day or two to provide the necessary documentation.  For Tucsonan’s who are needing to sell their Tucson house now, it can be done.  Generally speaking however, if you need a quick closing, for many investors, this causes a problem. 

While there are many unlicensed real estate investors in Tucson today, not every one of them can close on time, and as promised.  Many say that they are cash buyers, but when pressed, you find that they aren’t talking about closing with cash.  Many times, the offers they make to homeowners in Tucson aren’t cash offers at all.  They are private loans.  The problem with a private loan is that there remains a possibility that the person who is giving the Buyer the money can still say no.

If you want to sell your Tucson home fast, and you have a property that needs repair, ensure that you get an all cash offer from your buyer; that way you will make sure you will be able to close on time, without the headaches and the last minute drama associated with repairs, and extra inspections or fees.  (btw, when dealing with me, you always get an all cash offer!

Sell My House Fast For Market Value

Who Is Going To Buy Your House?
Who Is Going To Buy Your House?

One of the chief complaints I hear about the “We Buy Houses” model of selling directly to an investor is the concern that you are “giving it away.”  While this is a legitimate concern when selling to an unlicensed investor, anyone who is a licensed Realtor in the State of Arizona who invests in real estate will give you comparables.  These comparables will help you see clearly what has sold recently in your direct subdivision, any amount of concessions they paid, as well as when they actually closed.

When you sell your home fast for market value, you can expect that the investor is going to want to buy your home on terms.  Without getting too technical, selling your house on terms simply means to offer out owner financing for your property.  If you have a home that needs a lot of work, but you are willing to sell it for a bit of “sweat equity” then you are able to get full market value for the home; and perhaps even a bit more.. over time.

This is a great option for people who do not need the money right away, and prefer to have it over time.  There are many tax benefits for this, as well as other reasons that you might want to see your Attorney for.  However, don’t rule out the possibility of selling your home on an owner carry back as a way to get the most money possible!

So, Who Is Going To Buy Your House?

If you have an unwanted Tucson home, and you are wondering who is going to buy your house, then I encourage you to reach out to me today!  I buy Tucson homes for cash, and on terms!  There isn’t any need to wonder anymore who is going to buy your house in Tucson, particularly if nobody else seems to want it!

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